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En is an 18-year-old who has lost his father to cancer years ago. While waiting for his enlistment into the army, he has to put up at his grandparents’ place as his mother goes on a holiday with a new man in her life.

As En soon finds out at his grandparents’ place, life cannot be put on hold indefinitely. He gets more and more involved with his grandparents’ lives – his grandmother's dementia and his grandfather's fear. 

As his family is drawn together in a sudden tragedy, En has to decide where his loyalty lies and stand up for what he believes in. But in a country where ideologies are forged on constantly shifting sands, he finds himself struggling to stay true to what he knows to be right. And in a family that prefers to forget, the sandcastles of everything he holds dear seem doomed to be washed away by the tides of time.

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fantastic, very relatable

Oh, I remember watching this film and practically screaming ‘No, why would you want to do that, you foolish, stupid boy!’ and chiding the lead character in the show. No exaggeration right there. I have to say, I was quite sceptical of this film when I realised it was locally made, but boy was I impressed! Of course, it cannot hold a candle to blockbuster films with huge budgets but I believe this would be what you would call a good old film with pure acting, without any visual effects or photo-shopped images in place of a green screen.

The main character, En, is basically just struggling with the coming of age as an adolescent and the cultural and societal expectations of him as an adolescent male. He struggles between doing what is right and what he desires (basically his raging hormones). Anyone can see that he is a kind boy at heart with no hidden intentions, just a boy who has little guidance in his life to help him make the right decisions, and he is not yet prepared to face the consequences of his own resulting actions.

All in all, this film is definitely worth a watch. Heck, I would even re-watch it millions of times! I believe most of us can relate to it and it will tug at our heart strings.

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Sandcastle stands out from the rest of the locally produced movies because of its setting: it is set in an affluent Singapore. The lead character, En, is your typical about-to-enlist army recruit still wondering about his direction in life.

I like how the influence of his grandparents' and parents' views seems to make him lose his directions in life. I can especially relate to his frustrations in trying to find out about what his parents were involved in in the past. I think my generation of youths can relate to that, dealing with the stereotypes and the inflexibility of the older generations.

Sandcastle reflects the ambitions and aspirations of my generation, the sentimental value it holds for the younger Singaporeans makes it a movie worth watching.

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