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Already Famous is a 2011 Singaporean comedy film directed by Michelle Chong, starring herself alongside Taiwanese idol Alien Huang.

The film serves as Michelle Chong's directorial debut and also the Singaporean entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.



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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

Light-hearted and Entertaining

This is yet another reason why I absolutely adore Michelle Chong. Her wonderful impersonation skills on The Noose is taken to a whole new (mind-blowing) level is this crazy awesome film 'Already Famous' where she plays a humble Malaysian girl, make even more authentic with the perfect Malaysian accent only the QueenB can mimic.

This light-hearted comedy is one of the movies you would want to watch on a rainy day when you're feeling slightly low. It has a relatively simple plot yet it is made so interesting with Michelle's fabulous acting/impersonation skills as well as our favourite eye-candy Alien Huang. It carries some style similar to that of Jack Neo's film - humourous and entertaining.

There are poignant scenes in the films and of course, points to ponder over. I love how this seemingly trivia and funny movie actually drives home the need for sacrifice and hard work to realize your dreams. It also subtly portrays the difficulties met by those who travelled far to fulfil their dreams - the loneliness, lack of support, and cultural barrier.

I really look forward to more of Michelle's works!

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I want to watch it again!

Scripted, acted and directed by Michelle Chong, this film touches the hearts of people of all ages because of its themes- the never giving up attitude and working hard for what one loves. The themes were presented in a light-hearted and funny manner through her clever scripting and well presented by the actors in an engaging manner - e.g. the little boy who brings across life's simplest theories through his innocence.

Michelle Chong encourages the audience to go all out for what they want to do not only through the story of the movie, but is also a perfect example of success in the entertainment industry having done all acting, scripting and directing.

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themes and acting
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Not Bad

I remember my mum dragging my entire family to watch Michelle Chong's directorial debut after falling in love with her performance on The Noose. Because it was a local film, many theatres did not carry it and we had to go to GV Tiong Bahru to catch it. Although it was a bad experience, with a lousy screen quality and ear-shattering sound levels, I throughly enjoyed myself. I wasn't expecting a complex plot, just something light and simple, and Already Famous did not disappoint.

There are some movies which are very light-hearted and a kind that can be rewatched over and over again, and Already Famous is one of the examples. With likeable characters and slapstick humour infused into the movie, it was a joy to watch. I think Michelle Chong did a really great job in the production of this first movie of hers, and her many talents all come to light: directing and acting.

Thumbs up to this movie and for those of you who don't know, Michelle Chong has already produced her second movie called 3 Peas in A Pod and is airing in GV cinemas! It's a love story and has a movie budget that is twice that of Already Famous. Do catch it if you're interested, reviews have been generally positive thus far :)

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Light Plot and Likeable Characters
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Many areas for improvement

Being a fan of Taiwanese host Alien Huang, this movie was a must-watch for me. I expected a typical Singaporean movie, and it did not exceed my expectations.
The expected plot did not help with the fake accents and dry acting.

Despite that, the main theme of never giving up on the road to success still resonated with me. The 2 main characters both came from humble backgrounds, and had great aspirations which they were willing to work hard to achieve.

Overall, its a nice sweet movie to watch in cinemas to pass an afternoon with friends, but not worth buying the DVD.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Love this film so much!

Although I really have a distaste for watching Chinese films, Michelle Chong's directorial debut film was a definite must watch for me, because I just love her so much that I had so much confidence in the movie being really good, and how right I was!

I find Already Famous to be such an entertaining, witty, and ingenious film! The plot, the script, the humour, everything was so balanced, and humour coming from Michelle Chong is of fresh quality! I didn't find any of the jokes to be lame or awkward to hear, and I was laughing to every bit of the film, only for good reasons.

I really like the cast Michelle brought together for this movie. I personally feel that to get a famous international person like Alien Huang to act in a local film is quite an amazing deal. I'm also really amazed by the success the film has received, and I am extremely sure that Michelle Chong herself is too. The film was nominated for an OSCAR! I for one am very proud of the fact that she has achieved this feat, and it will guarantee her a shining career as a director in the future!

Just writing this is making me so excited, I definitely wanna catch it again on whatever platform I can catch it! I don't mind watching it once more if it re-appears in cinemas! For those who haven't caught this film, you really have to, whether or not you are a fan of Michelle Chong. You definitely won't regret having seen this film!

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