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Liang Po Po: The Movie is a Singaporean film directed by Jack Neo in 1999. It starred the director himself who cross-dressed as the titular old lady, which in English is translated as "Granny Neo".


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quite a comedy, i must say

I remember crying in the cinema when I was just a little kid while watching Liang Po Po, because I thought she looked so pitiful with her crouched stance and was absolutely helpless. Maybe not cry - I practically bawled my eyes out. In the cinema theater. Boy, was my family embarrassed!

Rest assured, the movie is totally different from what I perceived it to be. It is a total comedy, and I have to say you really have to be a Singaporean, or at least understand and experienced our culture for some time, for you to understand the movie and appreciate its jokes. Its jokes are predominantly mocking the Singaporean culture, definitely worth a watch to destress!

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Best comedy drama series of all time.

I remember watching Liang Po Po and laughing at his antics when I was young. Each episode seems to automatically conjures more funny acts for me to laugh at. To me, that was the golden series of that generation, where families could laugh over the antics of a grandma-acting guy who uses colloquail terms to appeal to the public.

This drama series uses the most simple of jokes, as well as the occupations of the common man, such as being a grandmother, or a dishwasher and turns them into something laughable. I find that very commendable, to be able to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Its' something that mediacorp should come out with for our generation today.

Sadly, there are not many good comedy shows in Singapore yet.

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