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Turn Left, Turn Right is a 2003 joint Hong Kong-Singaporean romance film. It is also the first Chinese-language Asian film ever from Warner Bros.


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A great romance film, with great songs

I remember the craze over this film when it was first aired, so much so that I even went to actively search and read its novel version! Though many people love its novel version, I certainly prefer the film for its elaborated version, cast and songs.

Although it was a short romance film with rather unrealistic plot, it effectively conveys the pure and simple love between the leads, touching many viewers. Gigi Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro’s great acting were of course indisputable. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Edmund Chen acting inside too! Coupled with music by Gigi and Stefanie Sun that fits perfectly with the plot, it is one of my favourite romance films. By the way, Stefanie Sun's Yu Jian is one of my favourite songs too!

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We were a part of this work of art!?

This is a movie I’ve watched countless of times growing up, and I don’t see myself getting sick of it anytime soon. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Singapore had a part to play in this film. I was so proud, and still very much am.

Not only is the storyline interesting, the cast was stellar as well, from the hunky Takeshi Kaneshiro to the sweet and demure Gigi Leung, both looking so good together. The duration of the movie was also perfect! It didn’t feel too rushed nor dragged out, and it managed to hold onto my attention for the whole time without boring me. I don’t waant to spoil the movie for you by going into the details, but do give this a go, especially if you love romantic movies!

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a right turn.

Nearly a decade back, "Turn Left, Turn Right" created quite a stir in the rundown to their box office opening weekend - and rightfully so.

With Stefanie Sun contributing her vocals to the movie OST, a star-studded cast including Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung (who belted two other addictive theme songs), and renowned Taiwanese Artist Jimmy Liao (Ji Mi) lending both his illustrative and "cameo" talents - What's there not to love about this movie?

Detractors have lambasted the plot as superficial and slightly hum-drum, but I beg to differ. In essence, "TLTR" is a remake of a classy, subliminally melancholic graphic novel - and the movie adaptation did recapture the feel of a graphic novel flawlessly on the big screen. TLTR chose to employ a visual spectacle over a frenzy of character conversations that could potentially mar the captivating, signature style that Jimmy Liao portrays in all his illustrations. For me. It was a spellbinding joy ride (albeit in a slow riding tricycle pace) that was a pleasure to witness in the theatre.

Truth be told, it was such an enjoyable film that I almost couldn't believe Singapore had a part in it. Though I'm glad Singapore did.

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