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Listing created by Jerald on September 30, 2012    

Yet another iconic Singaporean comedy directed by Jack Neo, Just Follow Law tells the story of a blue collar technician and a promotion department director, both working for a government agency, who swap souls after being caught in a freak car accident. The title is a pun on the Singlish phrase "just follow lor", which means to do what is told without asking why, and is a theme the film explores on several different levels.


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Truth in laughter

I personally feel that despite it being a good way to show the understanding of each other's lives for two people of different classes, the switching of souls is perhaps not the best way to express the true problem in society. I have to admit that the show was pretty funny, especially during the parts where office political warfare was showcased.

However, I felt that the best part of the show was not the main plot but of Muthu, an Indian security guard who is not as bright in a way, which makes his role more of a comedy than of a serious one. The show had its touching parts, but the ending was not as clear as I had hoped it would be. One thing is for sure, the scenario the show depicted definitely could exist in real life.

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The Singaporean bureaucratic red tape

Watching Jack Neo make a sarcastic play at the bureaucracy in Singapore's civil service brings about much fun and humour. In this show, the protagonists, played by Fann Wong (Director of a department) and Gurmit Singh (technician), displays how life in the civil service is like, with the top management constantly involved in silent firefights and backstabbing while the lower hierarchy bemoan their status and low pay.

It is a must watch movie as career driven, these individuals neglect their families, placing their careers first. Full of moral messages, it really touches the heart to see the reconciliation and subsequent marriage of the Director and the technician, once enemies, after a while of exchanging bodies and finding out that actually, they had a different perception of things previously.

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Watch it to have a snapshot of working with the Government

I was still with the public sector when this film was released. Jack Neo made the wish of the "lower level" come true, for the high flyer played by Fann Wong to go through what the skilled workers felt. It was quite accurate reflection of the working culture in the public sector especially the form filling incident, it just got stuck in my head. My scholar friend had a fresh perspective after watching this film.

Jack Neo also portrayed how Singaporeans have to strive to make ends meet while keeping up with the competition through Gurmit having to raise money to let his daughter take piano lessons. Kiasu parents like myself can relate to that :).

I like Huang Shu Fang's character of a "law-by-law" supervisor and Muthu was funny till it hurts. I find the romance pairing of the Fann and Gurmit too unbelievable but both played their roles so well. I changed my opinion of Fann Wong after this film.

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Should we always Just follow law?

The concept which drove the plot which is the switching of souls is not novel, but I thought Jack Neo did a pretty okay job handling it. He attempted to mould the relationship between blue and white collared jobs but it could have been developed better. He had the essential ingredients for a good movie: a good actor in the form of Gurmit Singh and a good actress in the form of Fann Wong. I feel that their acting was what made his movie surpass its potential. Coincidentally, I really like the both of them. Their acting was pretty complementary, and I like they both had to switch from proper English to colloquial Singlish just to suit the characters. It is a light-hearted show with a very kind and family-oriented message, which is pretty typical of Jack Neo which can be enjoyed with the family. (the irony, spot it)

My favourite part of the entire movie is the silly performance they did with the few other best-buds of Gurmit Singh's. It was so ridiculous and funny. Humour kept flowing in the movie from one scene to another, which is a plus point. The most humorous part, however, definitely goes to Muthu, who portrays the frustration of keeping to orders in a funny way while getting the message across.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Jack Neo has done better..

Some of Jack Neo's movies have dipped in quality over the years but some traits remain: The portrayal of Singaporean quirks from the over-focus on academic performance, to the preoccupation over money.

In Just Follow Law, he does it again, poking fun at the Singaporean mentality of following blindly whatever our superiors and / or government tells us to do. With a good theme and solid stars like Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong, I expected this to be one of his better movies but was sorely disappointed.

The chemistry between Gurmit and Fann was somewhat non-existent. The acting, while individually superb considering they were playing cross-gender roles, came off as a little over the top and forced when viewed together.

The best actor and saving grace would be Muthu, the indian security guard. His acting was superbly done as usual and his delivery had me off my seat with laughter.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Just watch it

I didn't expect much from Jack Neo prior to watching this film as I felt the quality of his movies had dipped over the years but well, what a welcome surprise. Not quite as thought-provoking as he, I assume, hoped it would be, but still an enjoyable film.

It's the type of film you'd watch with your family or with your friends on a stay-home Saturday night and has enough laughs to keep you entertained throughout. The Fann Wong-Gurmit Singh was rather awkward - it's quite hard to picture them as lovers but they were convincing, as I would have expected from two veteran actors. The movie also captures rather accurately the rigidity of Singaporean civil servants, and their strict adherence to rules and regulations, but that is as thought-provoking as it gets.

What made the show a winner for me was Muthu, who put in a stellar performance as an Indian security guard and was the true star of the show.

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Good movie

Although it cannot quite be considered one of Jack Neo's greatest works, I enjoyed Just Follow Law a lot, and it remains as one of the movies in my prized DVD collection.

Starring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong, the cast of Just Follow Law itself is impressive. However, I feel that that pairing was a little awkward, as it's a little hard to imagine them as a couple, but thankfully their acting chops made up for it.

The plot of Just Follow Law explores how two people of different backgrounds exchanged bodies with each other, and eventually fell in love. I felt that the romance moved a little too fast for my liking, as there was hardly any build-up. However, it's definitely a movie for laughs. Just Follow Law is a movie full of in-your-face humour, and the Muthu scene which featured a 'blur' security guard following his superior's orders literally in the film has become somewhat of a local icon.

The plot could have been developed better. Otherwise, a good film in general.

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Cheap laughs

Just Follow Law is your typical local film - filled with crude humour, cheap puns, and a typical storyline.

I've watched it with a bunch of friends during my secondary school days, and we came out of the theatre deeply unsatisfied. It's a decent enough movie, but it just left us wanting. Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh stole the show with their acting chops. A pretty lady acting uncouth with the behavioural tendencies of a man and a dude trying to get accustomed to boy roughhouse is funny, but it can only entertain so much.

This is one film Jack Neo could do without in his resume. If he had put a little more effort into this film or added some much-needed satire, it could have been so much better.

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It has Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh

How can it go wrong?

And it didn't.

I didn't catch it in theaters though. Much as I adore Fann Wong, this kind of shows isn't worth my $12 and besides, I caught the Ryan Reynolds x Jack Nicholson one the night before and it's about body switching too so I was pretty unexcited.

It came out on SVC and it was a new movie. The fact that I got to see Fann Wong looking unglam as all hell and Gurmit Singh trying to be demure and gentle was an added bonus. Look at the roles this woman does. Fann Wong lust aside, this show doesn't really have anything special to it. They switched bodies, learnt a lesson, and moved on.

Not too bad a show, watch it if you love Fann Wong the way I do.

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Only Comical Muthu! Poorly developed.

I think Just follow law seems to be just a normal film touching issue such as inflexibility in different industries due to "black and white" (law) overpowering every single little things. In the film, even borrowing a fan for ventilation requires write-in application and 3 working days for approval. I find the film exaggerating some issues (well, that's the comical part) even though situations like heated up office conflicts are certainly prevalent. I think the film is lacking in focus and direction and has concentrated too much on all the office politics, too much for my liking.

SAY SOMEMORE! 'somemore...'
SAY SOMEMORE!'somemore....'
SAY SOMEMORE!'somemore....'

This scene is one of the many comical ones by my favourite actor, Muthu. I think Muthu has made the movie whole lot enjoyable with his hilarious lines and acting. To me, Muth is the main part of the movie. Many of my friends agree that Muth has stolen the show, in a good way and we support him!

Then again, the film has given Singaporeans a little insights on some of the problems the workforce are facing. It has also serves as a voice for many workers who feel suffocated by the increasing pressure of achieve as much as possible (and in the shortest time) with the little resources given to workers. The resulting problems were blamed on the incompentency of workers rather than finding root cause.

Even though I think this film is poorly made and developed, watching it for a good laugh is still worthwhile.

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