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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 21, 2012    

Shalom Movers provides moving services for residential and office and storage services.


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I regret to say that we faced nothing but problems in this move with Shalom. Here is a litany of our woes:

1. We clearly had a requirement that the move be completed in 2 days. Richard Lee came at the time of giving us a quote - knew well about this and had assured that he will do the same and only minor items would remain on the third day. As it happened, even till 8pm on the third day the work was not done

2. On the first day, only 3 workers came and that too with less than required boxes so obviously the packing could not be done. This delayed the entire process - even Richard came to apologize the next day.

3. On the second day, Shalom people created so many problems at our place including long delays in shipment & unwrapping. Even till 8:30 the work wasn't done and I had to cut a sorry figure with the management here. And to to worsen the situation, your workers misbehaved with the security, dirtied the place etc. so much that the management had to reprimand them. Azra from Shalom team does not know how to behave - even I had to tell him to mind his manners.

4.On the third day, only 4 people turned up again and worked terribly slowly. I spoke to Richard again in the morning and he assured me that the work would be done by 1 pm latest. Again the commitments were flouted and work went on till 8pm at the end of which, we just gave in and signed the papers just to get your people out of our house.

5. Despite insuring our Bose system, they broke a speaker which we found only upon installation. Also they broke several dishes and expensive porcelain dolls that we had brought all the way from Shanghai. We requested for S$500 plus repair cost of Bose system - upon inquiring about the reimbursement, they offered a meager $200 and that too as a "gesture of goodwill" from their General Manager Gabriel!

Its been nothing but pain dealing with them. Strongly recommend that you stay away from them.

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(Updated: April 09, 2013)

Competent mover

This is a competent moving company that believes in their high standard of service. They provided the standard boxes for use during the move. Their staff were also given a standard checklist of what needed to be done for each service.

You will frequently see their trucks with their company logo on the road. They have very big trucks and fully covered so you do not need to worry about the weather during your move. They will normally assign a few staff to each truck and the staff will know how to arrange the items to fit the most items into one truck to save on the number of trips.

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Best Movers in town

I have tried a number of movers to move house or shift offices over the past few years. I tried Shalom Movers during my house moving over the weekend. We were on a budget so we went for the lowest quote. I usually have some reservations going with the lowest quote and do not expect stellar service. In this case though, it was worth it. Aside from being affordable, they were provided one of the best service of the moving companies I have tried so far.

They were friendly, handled our furniture with care, and efficient. When they reached the destination, it was raining heavily. Even though there was shelter available, they did not rush to unload over items. Instead, they waited half an hour for the rain to stop so that there would be no risk of damaging our furniture.

Very accommodating and great service.

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