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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 21, 2012    

Oh Mighty Movers provides moving services for local and international locations and caters to residential, commercial and industrial segments.


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Sufficiently competent but don't expect much

I used OMM once last year as I was shifting premises. It's the usual ritual where they need to come to your current premises to assess the work scope and they are able to provide a quote with you on the spot. The odd thing is that there seems to be quite a wide range when it comes to moving services, depending on the company's argument logic like they use "local movers" etc.

The process was quite painless where you just need to book the date in advance and they will deliver the empty boxes to your premises for self-packing. The mix of old and new boxes was sufficient for my packing purposes, but if you need more, you can always call them for additional. Don't expect any regular communication and I even had to call them to confirm the date of the move as it was basically just radio silence after they delivered the boxes.

On the day of the move, do expect some delay as movers are never on time (and I'd be impressed if any of you know of one who is), but once they show up, it is a flurry of activities as they go about wrapping and dismantling furniture. You can generally leave them to their own devices, unless you have some really complicated furniture pieces which they do not know how to dismantle.

The thing with moving services is that you need to keep expectations low and expect hiccups. So in my case, they provided a truck that was too small for one trip and they had to make two trips to complete the move, which pro-longed the moving duration. Do expect some bumps and chips to the old and new premises as things get moved in and out of the doorways.

Overall I would say they did an average and sufficiently competent job but I will probably not entrust them with your Steinway and Son's grand piano though. :)

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very bad experimce

Please do not use oh mighty movers!

I have used them on the 2nd mar 2013 for my move recently. They have damaged my funiture and brok one of my featured wall mirrors. I was asked to email them the quote from my contractors for the damages but they refused to take responsibility and did not pay me back for my damages!

My damages so far are worth $3,500, excluding the time and inconveniences caused! I am really upset with their service and they way they handle this matter, totally unprofessional and irresponsible.Please avoid this mover at all cost!

The move itself was $800.

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Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend Oh Mighty Movers. When I shifted place last year, I check around for affordable movers. Oh Mighty Movers offered one of the lowest quote. Actually, they had quoted wrongly as they thought that my house was on a lift landing. Movers charge extra for non-lift landings. Still, they honored their quotation when they came to the site.

They were very careful with the furniture and took care not to damage anything when dismantling them. Also, their work was fast and efficient.

I was very happy with their work although their prices seem to have gone up. I am moving again this weekend and contacted them to quote. Their quote is now the highest among those I sent inquiries to.

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