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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on February 13, 2013    

RR Motor has been around for 27 years and offers motorcycles and electric vehicles.


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Recently i brought my E-bicycle for diagnosis work at this shop. The story goes like this.. I called up prior to arranging my transportation of my faulty E-bicycle down to the said shop. I explained the problem of my bicycle to them over the phone and they asked me to bring it down to diagnose the problem. So upon arrival, i asked them what could be the possible cause of this and they told me to write my phone number onto a masking tape which was pasted on my bike seat and they will call me the following day to tell me the cause of it before repairing it (I took a picture of my bicycle with the masking tape on it and the view of their shop at the back alley). I wrote down my number and before i left, i reminded them not to do anything to the bicycle before telling me the cause and cost.

After I left, it took them 1 week to call me back and it was only after I first called them to ask about it. They 'conveniently' forgot about it. And that was when he also told me that the next day he will call me back. The amount would be $120 if it were the batteries. The very next day, he called and asked me when I would collect my bike because it was done! That was when I got angry and asked why didn't he asked me if I was agreeable to change it after I do my costing first as agreed before. My reasoning was simple. If I was charged anything more than 30% of the cost of my bicycle, then I wouldn't have agreed and just used it as a normal bicycle without the electronic functions of it!

Anyhow, it was already repaired thus I agreed to collect it at my convenience. about 2 weeks later, I went down to inform them my intention to collect it the following day as I was near the area, the lady boss told me impatiently that they will charge me $5 per day for storage. That got me very angry and I argued with her about the initial verbal agreement of informing me the costing before servicing. In the end, she obliged to let me collect my bike the following day without the extra charges.

The next day, I arranged for transportation and when I was there, I couldn't test my “repaired” bike as the mechanic told me that the battery was flat. He offered however for me to charge for 10mins to see if the wheels could spin while it was on main stand (prior to servicing, that could be performed as well just that while I was on it, it couldn't move). Anyhow I told him that I can pay for it first but if it was faulty, I would bring it back again to them for warranty. So he collected my money (cash) and because it was national day, the counter was closed therefore I could not pay using my credit card.

Low and behold, after charging for 8hours, it still had the same problem and it was exactly like how it was before I had sent it in for repairs. I called them immediately and demanded an answer but they out rightly denied and pin pointed the problem to another mechanism and said they didn't repair that. So my question is simple. If you could not solve my problem, why did you change my battery without my consent in the first place and pinpointed the problem to the battery? What have I paid my $120 for when the condition is exactly the same as before I brought it over to you? And now when I called you up, you told me that you changed the battery and I am to pay for it. More importantly, you did not solve any issue. I even believe that nothing was changed in the first place!

I have sent my report to Case regarding their business practice. Well I do not expect that I am able to get any refund now but I do want the Singapore community to know that they are dishonest. Please kindly spread the word to not purchase anything from them ever! If it’s only $120 and they are willing to do this, I won’t think they could be trusted with any other amounts.

Please post this up as a warning to all readers that even in a well-governed place like Singapore, there are still such crooks around. I hope that with my $120 "tuition fees" paid, we can save each other from such barbaric business people.

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