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100, Jalan Hang Jebat Singapore 139533
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Khairul Nizam
Listing created by Khairul Nizam on September 13, 2013    

From a small surau, this old masjid still chugs on. Built in 1952, this zinc-roofed masjid underwent major renovations in 1996 to expand on its prayer hall to accommodate 600 worshippers.

The masjid offers weekend madrasah classes to students living around Queenstown area. It also organizes zikir sessions where praises to Allah are recited.

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The railway mosque

I think this mosque was the only one that has the distinction of having a railway line (when the KTM railway line to Tg Pagar still existed) running right in front of it. It is located in a rather secluded spot now, of course back then it was nestled in the middle of a kampong. U can get there by taking a footpath from the Alexandra Hospital or from Queensway Road. You can also approach from the entrance of Jalan Hang Jebat that takes you past some colonial era buildings.

At any time of the day, it is very quiet here. You can hear sounds of nature very clearly so, if you need space to clear your mind, this masjid is a good place to go to, if you have private transport because getting there on foot is going to be a real challenge.

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