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120, Tampines Road Singapore 535136
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Khairul Nizam
Listing created by Khairul Nizam on September 13, 2013    


Built under Phase Two of the Mosque Building Fund, the masjid located at the junction of Tampines Road and Hougang Ave 3. Like its contemporaries, it has a box-like structure and a tall minaret that stands out prominently.

Built in 1983, it serves the religious needs of residence in surrounding Hougang area. The mosque had undergone a major upgrading in 2006 that increased its capacity to 2,500 worshippers.  It offers daily kindergarten and madrasah classes.  Muslims can also benefit from its computer classes, which are jointly organized with self-help groups. 


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You must not miss this mosque during the month of Ramadhan

Masjid En-Naeem looks like most other mosques built during the same period: boxy, domed and with a tall, onion-domed minaret. Nothing much by way of architecture.

As a kid I did not frequent this mosque much, I frequented Al-Mutaqqin at Ang Mo Kio instead but in 2008 I attended a Tarawih prayer during the month of Ramadhan on the invitation of a friend and colleague. He promised me that I would have the time of my life there.

That "time-of-my-life" experience was delivered by the imam of the mosque, who happened to be the full-time there as well. His name is Ustaz Fahmy (I hope I spelt his name right). Ustaz Fahmy is known as a Hafeez, meaning that he has memorised the entire Al-Quran, word for word. That night, I heard Ustaz Fahmy recite a whole chapter from the Quran from his memory and the manner in which he did it would make you think that you were praying at the Holy Mosque in Mecca. His recitation is moving to say the least and it envelopes you in awe. He takes his time, unlike in some mosques where the imam seems to be rushing, reciting at machine gun speed.

So while the tarawih session would seem to take a longer time to complete, it is well-worth the sacrifice.

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