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41, Dunlop Street Singapore 209369
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Khairul Nizam
Listing created by Khairul Nizam on August 31, 2013    

Originally built in 1859, this masjid with its unique architecture has earned the distinction as being one of Singapore's national monuments.

It has an unabashed mélange of styles – a mix of Southern Indian, Moghul and European influences. 

Located in the Chinatown, it has since been redeveloped (re-opened in 1998) with a capacity of 3000 and offers religious classes, in its madrasah, in Tamil among other classes

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One of the most beautiful mosques in Singapore

This mosque is also known as "Dunlop Street Mosque" to some. To me, I think it is the most beautiful mosque in Singapore if not one of the most beautiful.

The design influences of this mosque would have originated in India and there probably would be many similarly designed mosques from the same era there. There is a certain air of tranquility as you move around the corridors and you can't help but marvel at the intricate designs on the walls and pillars.

Because this is generally what we would call an Indian mosque and they generally belong to another Islamic school of Jurisprudence, some of their prayer times would be a little different from other mosques in general. If you intend to visit this mosque for 'Asar prayers usually held at about 4 plus in the afternoon in other mosques, come about 30 to 40 min later instead.

At this mosque, that prayer time is held slightly later. The quiet surroundings despite being along a busy road is extraordinary. If you are a Muslim, you can access the main prayer hall. There you can pray in relative peace and even contemplate the mysteries of the world afterwards.

If nothing else, the architecture of the building itself is a sight to behold in its own right.

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