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Official retailer of Singtel's plans. Shop also sells phones, phone accessories, laptops and other electronic goods.


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Too Crowded

One word to describe Singtel's HQ at Exeter Road: Overcrowded. After getting a queue ticket, I had to wait at least 20 minutes before an assistance counter opened up for me. Singtel also recently revamped the interior of their Hello shop, and it was horrible. They made the entire place darker, probably to emphasise on the sharpness of phone screens, but it was over the top and it ended up feeling more like a nightclub than a phone retail shop.

Customers also now have to sit on stools while discussing their phone contracts with the Singtel staff which is quite uncomfortable because there is no back support. If you think about lengthy discussions and options, it makes for a very unpleasant user experience! Being the main Hello shop of Singtel, it is natural that everyone flocks there. Hence, phones are always out of stock, especially the more popular phone like Apple's iPhone. Don't bother going there to purchase your new iPhone if you are not hardcore enough to queue up. Heard from my teacher that the gold iPhone 5s sold out in 10 minutes.

Their accessory range is also quite limited and could do with more variety. Overall, the entire experience over at Singtel felt quite hurried and rough. More counters should have been opened up to ensure for a smoother experience. This happens because Singtel is the dominant telco firm and probably does not see the need to make its customers happy because they have to stick with Singtel anyway.

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A mandatory tragedy?

If I knew, I would not have gone. You see, the other day I was with my brother for re-contracting purpose at Singtel's Hello shop. It was overly crowded. The worst part? We spent half a day just to get to have a paper signed and get a new phone.

So what if it's the largest telecommunication firm in Singapore? Service wise, it almost failed terribly save for its many branches islandwide and the peripheral services it provides: their informative promotions booth. All my life I have been a stalwart customer of Singtel, for inexplicable reasons, and for the less-than-satisfactory service the Hello shop crew provides, it won't be long till I say adieu.

So a few personal tips here: get the queue number early (never mind if you want to visit other shops first), make use of their service fully and when the wait becomes unavoidable, try reading something to kill time and allow your brain to not idle.

On hindsight, I guess it's truly a tragedy that so many Singaporean have to put up with the poor service just because Singtel is an oligopolistic telco firm. Looks like we got to source for better alternatives.

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Jurong Point.
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Sticking to Singtel.

I've been a Singtel user for nearly six or seven years now.. and every time I'm recontracting, I'd go to various Hello shops to keep track on the best phone models/plans. I'll probably stick to Singtel for as long as I can.

So far, I've never had any bad incidents which stood out in my mind, apart from the usual couldn't-care-less attitude of some sales staff. In general, service given was actually quite good.. I remember one time spending nearly two-three hours talking to this sales girl on what kind of phone model I should pick and why.

It depends on the outlet on how varied the phone models they would have, so I suggest going to bigger oulets in malls then neighbourhood ones.

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