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A leading communications group that provides a wide spectrum of multimedia and infocomms technology (ICT) solutions.

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Expensive, Monopolizes the Scene, Worst Value for Money

When I first moved here last year, I met someone who didn't have a Singtel account. I was so surprised as I assumed that everyone has a Singtel account.

I was told Singtel is very expensive. For not particularly good service.

Well guess what, she was right. I've been on the phone for 1 hr 35 mis now after days on end of my home wifi not working, I think it didn't work a total of 12 days out of the less than 60 I've been here. Hours on the phone, wait time, and they take you through a service test and still issue isn't fixed.

Singapore has a reputation for being efficient. But if you live here for a while you realize that there is no human intelligence at work because everyone proceeds by-the-book and you'll run into 1000 customer-service situations where you feel like you're dealing with a lowly evolved artificial intelligence even when a human being is speaking on the other line. Singtel is such a situation. The customer service I received was NOT helpful, NOT intelligent, NOT flexible.

And this for over $500 in bills a month. I lived in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the world and for the same services (unlimited data on phone, home wifi, cable), I paid less than that.

I would like to suggest that if you can, go with M1, if you can, go with Starhub. But avoid Singtel. After two hours on the phone and asking for a partial refund on services that I was not able to use, I was passed around, my entire work day wasted, I spoke to 3 people none of which seems in the very least bit familiar with a customer asking for a partial refund for undelivered service.

Truly horrible. If you can, avoid getting sucked into getting a contract with Singtel. I live in a central area and my home WiFi very frequently doesn't work, lags, and nobody you can can actually help you immediately. For the premium price they ask, this is really shitty value for your money. AVOID.

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Good service, misleading prices

Recently I had to go and shop for a SIM only deal for my phone, I didn’t need a handset, just a simple SIM with lots of data so I can Snapchat my way around life. I wasn’t too fussed about which was best value, as all seemed to offer the same kind of deal, so decided to just settle for Singtel. Since being with them, my service has been good, but once I got into the shop to actually buy my card, I couldn’t help but feel ripped off.

Online the deal seems perfect, lots of data for a super cheap price. The catch? You have to pay to start the contract, even though I already had a Singtel SIM, and then you have to pay for other features, such as being able to send texts and to simply even see who it is that’s calling you. By the time that it’s all done, you’re paying a lot more than you thought you’d have to, and the deal seems a little less sweet.

It was still a decent price for what I got, but I cannot stand when a company almost completely tricks you into thinking you’ll receive one thing, and then when it comes to pay realise that’s not the truth at all. It’s a shame as the service is really good, but it just seems wrong to force customers to even get caller ID on their phone. Singtel, not cool.

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Questionable Service

Although I have been a loyal Singtel customer for many years now, I cannot say that I am pleased with their service. I feel that Singtel, being the dominant telco in Singapore, tends to overlook the welfare of their customers and focus a lot more on profits. M1 and Starhub seem to be offering better deals and running more advertisements!

I also experience intermittent service with my current Galaxy S2 phone. I lose the ability to make phone calls, or send out text messages due to loss of cell phone reception, in the middle of Orchard Road! This has happened more than once, and others have also experienced similar situations. I find this quite unacceptable and have been considering changing telcos to try them out.

In the end however, Singtel is convenient and has arguably the widest island coverage for phone signal. Also, realising about the hassle of changing telcos will probably make me give Singtel one last chance when I renew my contract again this coming March.

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(Updated: August 07, 2013)

Outsanding service

This review is going to be purely about their cable / mioTV service I experienced.

I have been getting annoying slow speeds for my fiber optic plan such that I can't watch HD on youtube without it buffering and me having to wait impatiently. Not wanting to navigate through their corporate site which tends to be a frustrating experience based on my average experience on corporate sites, I opted to go straight to their facebook page and lo and behold there was a support app built into it. One click customer support thank you very much!

I entered my details and just a few hours later a support staff called me back. Amazingly efficient. They scheduled my appointment and came down and fixed my issue. I also had a probably with the Mio TV so they had to reschedule another appointment to fix that, which they replaced free of charge.

Before arranging the second appointment, I could not be connected several times due to work but they always made it a point to call again and follow up until they reached me. Overall, I am left very impressed by their level of service. I was expecting a disaster since there is so much negativity associated with Singtel, but thankfully this was not the case and I now have a positive view of the company after my experience.

Its probably people unhappy they are ripping off football lovers. Oh Singtel please stop doing that for your own good!

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Overall pleasant experience

Unlike most of my friends, I have generally received good service from Singtel. I don't have anything much to complain about, except that sometimes I don't receive messages that my friends send to me, but that only happens once in a blue moon.

I have been a Singtel suscriber for as long as I can remember, and they have always been efficient. The staff at the Singtel shops that I visit to register for new plans are usually pretty friendly and I have never encountered any problems with my data connection or whatnot.

I guess you could say I'm lucky to have experienced such fuss-free service, and I'll stick to Singtel as long as they keep up the good service they've provided me all these years.

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Not the best yet not the worst.

I prefer Singtel to M1 and Starhub because I feel that the connection for phone and cable modem is pretty reliable and because my mum likes the channels on MioTV. I have not faced any major 3G problem with my phone so far but recently, when I am outside on the train or on the bus, my 3G connection is really bad. I cannot load my Facebook newsfeed no matter how many times i try to on and off my 3G to get it working again.

My cable modem sometimes have major problem too. It gets triggered off very easily with just a slight tap on the optical network terminal. There was once when the internet at home was down for a few days. Connecting to the customer service personnel was difficult and time consuming too and I had to wait for hours to get to talk to the personnel.

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Probably the worst

Initially, I was convinced that it was the best service ever seeing it's so popular among people. After using their service for quite some time, I noticed there have been a lot of complains about their service. I was still convinced that Singtel wasn't bad back then because I didn't have any problems with it.

But it was back then.

Things changed. Singtel could be called my worst nightmare. The 3G connection for my phone is getting from bad to worse! It's almost everyday that I get a 3G connection problem on my phone. Not even exaggerating.

If that's not enough to prove that it's a nightmare, my dad actually signed up for this new broadband thing they have called fibre. My internet connection at home when I use my laptop was only alrighttt. Sometimes it may have a few problems but I guess it's acceptable. When they changed into the new broadband, I thought things are gonna be better; my internet connection is going to be the best ever.

Such a huge disappointment.

It got worse! How is this possible?!

Right now I'm still struggling with this stupid broadband connection. It's getting worser when I use Skype and disconnects connection lots of times too. Soooo frustrated with it. Ugh.

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All for them.

I've been a Singtel mobile subscriber for about 5 or 6 years now, and all I can say is, out of the three top telecommunications company in Singapore, it's probably the best? Granted, their 3G services sucks, but other than that, I have no complains.

The occasional call I made to them regarding some minor discrepancies to my bill is almost always answered politely, and dealt with quite promptly.

In fact, my bill is now a few months overdue, but they still have not cut off my line.. when they have all the rights to. And for that, I'll probably be a Singtel subscriber for as long as I can, since Starhub and M1 doesn't tempt me at all.

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Vague details, bad service

My house currently subscribes to Singtel internet broadband. I wouldn't say it is bad. I mean there is nothing much you can expect with only 3 companies providing the internet services!

I must point something out that has made my whole family disappointed with Singtel. There was a singtel sales agent that came knocking at our door and he convinced my dad to upgrade his internet broadband plan and also subscribe to mio tv. However, he said that it was FREE. Everyone heard that. What's next is that, when the service man came to install the wires and stuff, they requested my dad to pay for the service, when we thought it was free. Next, when the bill came, there was extra charges charged to the bills, and my dad was fuming mad.

He immediately cancelled the plans and lodged a complain to singtel. However, up till now, singtel failed to give us a reply and continue to charge us when we have not yet install the mio tv setup at home.

Singtel is not giving the necessary details to their customers and has failed badly at answering to their customer's enquiries. I believe there are people out there that share the same experience with us.

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Downhill Dilly

I have a couple of plans under Singtel - 2 mobiles, 1 house phone, 1 broadband plan. And the only thing that has went pretty well would be the house phone and broadband - of which at times there are severe connection problems where I cannot connect my ipad to my house's wifi.

The service connection for my phones are unstable. I have an iphone and recently, I've been noticing an 'o' instead of the usual 3G on the top left hand side of my screen. I can't load anything when it is in 'o' mode and it's really annoying to have a phone providing such a function, and not be able to use it. The constant sending of 'ADV text' pretty much annoys me and at times, even though I've indicated to 'UNSUB',' the text comes anyway.

These issues weren't that serious, compared to previously where they didn't have that much plans and things going around. And when my contract ends, it's another decision (or leap?) to make.

I'd give them props though, for being pretty reliable and quick with their problem solving. But still, prevention is definitely better than cure.

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