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M1 is a leading full-service provider of mobile and fixed communications services to over 2 million customers in Singapore. With an emphasis on network quality, customer service, value and innovation, our mission is to link anyone and anything; anytime, anywhere.

The M1 Group holds both Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) and Service-Based Operator (SBO) licences issued by the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) for the provision of telecommunication systems and services, as well as a Telecommunication Dealer’s Class Licence. M1 also holds Internet Access Service Provider and IPTV licences issued by the Media Development Authority (MDA).

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M1 is no longer number 1!

I pointed fingers at those whining for they are caught in the meandering queue snaking in from either Starhub or Singtel.

Whilst I ,on the other hand, zoomed pass and entered M1 directly.

There wasn't any queues at M1 that day!

I purchased a phone and applauded it's service! Truly an underdog that did not cause any aches on my thighs or legs thanks to the absence of queues!

Unfortunately, this underdog capabilities downgraded. M1's previous capabilities are seen to be buried in a kennel unknown to many.

It used to be fast paced! Unfortunately, it is thriving in the lagging sector now!

The internet or 3G used to be rather stable. Now, it is nowhere near stable.

One friend of mine lose his job thanks to M1's service of connection recently. He was deemed uncontactable hence they dropped him.

The phone calls now are frequently cut off every 15 or 30 minutes. Did M1 install a timer that countdowns towards an auto end call session?

The clarity derived from M1 was rather crystal clear previously. Now, anyone using it will sound like they're forever beneath the usual ground, in a tunnel.

Hence, M1 loses the 1 in their name. It wasn't 1st before but it still had several pleasantly surprising elements. Now, these pleasantly surprising elements had been scraped apart!

M3 suits you better M1. Singtel and Starhub can have their own battle to rake the number 1 spot and inherit the 1 into their own names!

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not bad

One good thing about all my family members using M1 services is that there are massive bundle discounts (30%) for the total bill! This is a massive draw for me, and personally, i feel that the telco's 4g network is very fast due to lesser people using M1 as a network provider.

When we went to buy our phones and recontract, the service staff are very nice and active to help us and answer our questions. The M1 hotline is quite responsive and there are always people to answer your calls in less than 10 minutes.

However, the recent network outrage that happened to M1 turned a lot of its customers to M1. I remembered that that day, I was in need of my phone, but could not get through when i called. Also, though they say the 2g network is working, i took more than 15 minutes to connect to it, and the connection is on and off.

There is few differences between starhub singtel and m1, what matters more is their services.

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Not excellent but it receives a nod

My family switched to M1 because we believed it would serve us best among the three telcos. Indeed, whenever my family or I approach the staff at West Mall's M1 shop for their services, they would attend to us patiently and efficiently, so kudos to them for their service. My Iphone has not encountered any telecommunications errors, which is good.

However, my biggest disappointment with M1 is their 3G network. The recent disruption took more than a day to reset which sorely disappointed me. Their 3G network does not cover every area. For example, whenever I pass by Clementi Mrt in the train, my 3G immediately stops working.

Still, M1 does provide efficiency and basic 3G coverage, and I think it is still in the forefront of the three telcos. But they have a long way to go before they win acclaim for excellent service. My advice to all is to get M1 as their service provider.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Best service provider ever

M1 provides the best service I ought to say. My family switched from Singtel to Starhub, and finally from Starhub to M1. My experience at M1 was always positive. Service crew is friendly and willing to help.

You know how infuriating it is to explain technology to people who has zero knowledge in it right? Once, my mother asked about the difference between a Samsung S3 and Iphone 5. The service provider spent almost an hour listing the pros and cons between both phones and even provided both samples for my mother to test.

Another incident, I forgot to turn off my mobile data when I went overseas. When I came back, I was astonished when my bill hit $300. After a trip down to its headquarters, M1 willingly waive off the extra charges due to data roaming. M1 is definitely the best out of the big 3 telcos.

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(Updated: January 14, 2013)

Don't understand why is it the least used among the big 3

I have done casual polls with my friends asking them which carrier, Singtel, M1 or Starhub, they use and the answer I usually get is Singtel or Starhub. I find this puzzling as I find the service provided by M1 to be the best value for money.

I am a subscriber of both its fibre broadband and mobile line services. I am glad to say that I have hardly faced any major disruptions in my service. I guess the only issue that I have is that my data speed slows down on certain occasions. But I guess that is a issue that all phone data users in Singapore face.

I once used Singtel's broadband and found disruptions to my service a much more common occurrence than my service now. I think its time M1 takes its rightful place among the the big 3 telcos in SIngapore.

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Forced to change service provider

I was happily with M1 when I first started having a mobile line. I only changed my line to their competitor when I joined a company. It would not be ethical to name the company but the company was a subsidiary of their competitor.

After joining that company, my wife kept complaining that I was not answering her phone calls. I did not realise that because I had always trusted M1 and had never experienced poor reception with them.

After my wife's complaints, I started to pay attention to the signal bar on my phone. I realised that inside my office, my signal bar would at best be at two bars out of the maximum five bars. Most of the times, it would be one bar or no reception. I had no choice but to switch service provider.

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Never again

I used M1 for 2 years when they came up with the Take 3 promotion. In essence, you take a phone for free; use it for 2 years of your contract with them. If you return it in good working condition after 2 years, it’s free. If it’s damaged, you pay a specified amount as stated in the contract.

After my contract finished, my phone was damaged. When I went to pay the required amount, they tried to charge me double claiming that was the required amount!! It was only after I dug up my copy of the contract that they relented, and even then only after making me wait for almost 2 hours as they “cleared” it with management!!

I will never use M1 again.

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Bad but still the better choice out there

M1 3G connection are bad but still the better out out there. I seemed to find the connection faster and more stable before noon but the quality seem to worsen as the day passes. I had my line cut off when underground on numerous occasions, implying there's not even 2G connections and it can't get any more frustrating when you're trying to make an important phone call.

The service (call center) is merely acceptable, although I've to highlight a particular incident which amazes me. I was trying to call to M1 to cancel off one of my line with them. Was put on hold for a good 20 minutes before finally getting through. Before my transaction was completed, the line got cut off (and that says a lot about their connection quality). The customer service officer didn't call back and I couldn't stand waiting another 20 minutes trying to get through again. They have this SMS service feedback which will be forwarded to you after the call ends, asking you to grade their service level, which I reverted with the worst I could possibly give.

To my surprise, M1 called me two days later to find out more about why I hated their service (a kind gesture indicating that they do really analyse the feedback and care about how the customers feels). Explained my situation to them and the customer service officer then apologized before offering me a better solution than to cancel my 3rd line with the multi-line saver promotion.

All in all, I'm only satisfied with M1's service level after this incident (although their call center management of call queues can be better). The connection quality, although deemed to be the better one for me, still has a huge room for improvement to be considered satisfactory.

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Had my ups and downs with this telco, but still my best choice!

Having been using phones under M1 since my very first official phone a couple of years ago, I've had a good share of downs with M1, such as an inconsistent 3G network, and a sudden change of mobile plan, but I've also had an equal amount of ups as well, such as good and efficient service, and not-too-costly plans (I've compared with some friends under Starhub and Singtel, and mine is cheaper than theirs; all student plan).

If you've read my review on Starhub, you'd know how much I detest their service and long queues. Hate it badly at times. I personally feel that bad service is a very good reason why you shouldn't be under a servicing company. Also, I often read complaint tweets about Starhub, and their twitter replies back to a lot of complaints regarding their phone or data, etc. As for Singtel, never really heard any user speaking well of it, so I don't know about that. All this having been said, I am very sure that I will continue sticking to M1 for a really long time.

To me, M1 is the best, and I'm not being biased, honest!

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The better mobile plan provider.

As I prepare to spend the next few years of my life in Singapore, one of the things I had to do was get a Singapore number. Naturally, I made sure to take a look at the different mobile plans StarHub, SingTel, and M1 had to offer.

While most of these plans were pretty similar in price, upon closer comparison I found that M1 plans had slightly better rates than its two competitors in terms of calling minutes, number of texts, and data usage. Also, M1 plans included extra benefits, such as being able to register three other M1 numbers which you can make a unlimited amount of free calls to, and also free caller ID and voice mail for the first half year of the subscription.

Service was a bit slow, but good. I had to wait for almost 20 minutes despite being the next in line, but my server was really helpful and patient, answering all my questions and telling me what numbers to call to activate different functions. The connection is clear in calls and my 3G runs smoothly as well.

I recommend checking out M1 if your current subscriptions to StarHub or SingTel are expiring soon for packages that have more value.

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