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StarHub is a fully-integrated info-communications company in Singapore. They offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets from mobile services to internet.

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Could be better

Ever since Singapore Cable Vision merged with Starhub to offer internet, tv and mobile services my family has been placing all our services under Starhub to enjoy the Hub Club discount. This could be rather substantial especially on mobile where all 4 of our lines are by Starhub and this allows us to enjoy 30% off our monthly bill.

While not as big as Singtel, Starhub has seemingly been able to compete evenly with Singtel across all platforms; except when they lost out on bidding for Barclays Premier League. Sadly, us consumers have to pay more for football because of the senseless bidding war between the telcos. Starhub's service could be a bit slow at times, but have improved over the years with shorter waiting times for customer service care. I'm still a little frustrated that they don't seem to take really good care of their long term customers though. Example to enjoy rebates for re-contract I still have to call in to "complain" before they will do something. If Starhub has a more proactive approach in taking care of their customers, I would have given them a better rating.

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Room for improvements!

Out of the 3 service providers in Singapore, Starhub seems to have the best customer service.

I used to be a faithful starhub mobile line user since I got my first mobile phone. However, the frequent lost of signal has made me changed my mobile subscriber. Gone were the days when I can no longer get any reception on MRTs!

SCV is no doubt much better with MioTV. I’ve been with SCV for the past 4yrsand my parents were with MioTV for the past 2yrs so the comparison is clear. But my major dislike for SCV is the too many repetitive of programs! Getting too often and it just makes viewing them a major turn-off at times! I remembered there were days whereby I watch this particular episode on Monday and this episode is repeated again few days later! Why should consumers pay extra for some channels when all they get is just this limited number of programs?

No doubt I was lucky to receive very good customer service over the years; still, I think it’s time for Starhub to do more.

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(Updated: March 01, 2013)


Prior to Mio, Starhub was THE choice for my family — mobile, cable television and the Internet. Overall, I would say that their service is acceptable, nothing fantastic actually. The Internet does screw up sometimes but works fine in general. Compared to my current Internet provider SingTel, the standards of both are rather similar and I don't find either to be outstanding.

The complaint I have for Starhub is the lack of 4G service when I got my iPhone 5 — I did not even realize it until a few days into using my new phone. I am, however, too lazy to call their hotline to register my SIM card under the service because the thought of being put on hold is enough to give me a headache.

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On par, or even better than Singtel

To be honest, I don’t know what the fuss over Starhub is all about. I think their service, and network is pretty good; for me at least. The unofficial ‘ranking’ of the three network service providers in Singapore, in terms of the quality of their network; would be Singtel, who’s the leading service provider, followed by Starhub then M1.

Singtel, undoubtedly, has been living up to their well-earned reputation; till recently. There has been a bout of complaints about network failure – ranging from receiving no network connection and 3G connection at all, to having very slow, almost non-existent 3G connection. I guess that leaves us with Starhub as being the next best choice!

I absolutely love Starhub – if I were to choose another service provider again, I will still go back to being a loyal customer of Starhub. However, be mentally prepared and pre-empt yourself before calling their service hotline, because I believe they out-source their customer service telemarketers, so that makes understanding the advice of the technicians just a tad harder to decipher. Also, they use the automated service before directing you to a personal technician, so I’m pretty sure you’ll need to press quite a few numbers before getting some real advice.

That aside, I don’t see how it is inferior to Singtel, because I think its network is pretty fast and efficient – or maybe that’s how Singaporeans like do, complain about anything and everything they have, eh? *winks* Plus, it is slightly cheaper than Singtel too, so I would go for Starhub all the way.

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(Updated: February 20, 2013)

Terribly Unreliable and Vexing Customer Service

I hate them. It is not an overstatement. I really do. However, the sad truth is that many of the big ISPs in Singapore have terrible connections. Having tried Singtel and Starhub, I'd have to go with the fact that both are equally bad.

Currently, I'm on a MaxOnline Express contract that's ending this June. I wanted to upgrade to fiber, but then they said I'd have to pay an early cancellation fee. That was puzzling and a mild annoyance.

Although they offer a Digital Voice line, that allows one to make free local calls, I'd still stay away from Starhub. As with most other ISPs, they rarely deliver their advertised speeds. Speeds can vary from normal to agonizingly slow during peak hours.

My biggest gripe with Starhub is the fact that the internet is not stable and very unreliable. I've checked my hardware, and I'm sure that there's no problem on my end. Still, I get random disconnects that last for about 10 seconds quite occasionally. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem. However, when playing in a multiplayer game, 10 seconds means life and death. I can't count the number of times I"ve lost a game because I disconnected at the most critical moment in my games (teamfights and pushes).

I've dialled 1633 (their customer service hotline) countless times, and I've spent hours being put on hold. I seriously wonder how many people they've hired to man the phone lines.

When my contract ends, I know where I'm going.

Away. Away from this green monster.

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Best Part:
Unlimited bandwidth. Like every other ISP in Singapore
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Okay can but there's room for improvement

Starhub provides my internet and television cable service.

In terms of its internet, okay lah! Not bad in terms of speed and efficiency although I still think that it can be better. Recently read about Singapore's internet speed compared to other countries in SEA. We may have ranked forth, BUT our internet speed is about 1/4 that of the 3rd fastest country. (Not entirely fact-checked here but this is a rough estimate), so our infrastructure has a long way to go. Starhub's internet sometimes breaks down completely, and I have to reconnect and repair the connection. This happens occasionally, so I'm not overly critical.

In the aspect of their cable service i raise my eyebrows. The connection is quite bad, especially in non-local channels, and lagging is becoming more common than before. Switching channels is a pain because the switch lags. THeir cable service is actually quite bad, I feel, so a no here.

Overall, Starhub is not bad, but it needs to improve.

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Inferior data service

I recently made the switch to Starhub as I thought it was the telco that offered the best value for me. However ever since my switch, I can’t help but notice that my 3G/4G data speed is now slower and less reliable than when I was using the other Telco’s. I am not exactly sure if this is because of my location or my new 4G Samsung phone, but I definitely do notice a slow down in my internet browsing.

For me, the barely noticeable savings seen on my monthly bill is hardly consolation for the inferior service that I am receiving now.

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More user friendly

I have always been a customer of Starhub for the Maxonline plans, and everytime I helped my relative to set up his Singnet broadband modem, I would always tell myself. Starhub is the right choice. This was simply because it was really easy to set up the modem and router for a cable connection. The term "plug and play" literally applies 100% for starhub cable plans. But for singtel plans, there is a need to search for the configurations if you are using your own router such as linksys.

The other thing I liked about Starhub is that I could also keep getting free upgrades every few years as they lifted their basic plans higher, I kept getting higher speeds at no increase in cost. I remember the plan I first sign was probably 4Mbps, and with the advertisement today, I would be getting 25Mbps in a weeks time, and still paying the same price long ago. I am looking forward to FIbre once the price has stabilize.

I also switch my mobile to Starhub as I realise I could get better deals from Starhub than Singtel and the phones and plans were actually cheaper as well. Well, like just hope to see Starhub coming with better deals for their data bundles.

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> Singtel

I used to be a Singtel customer up till the day when my mum realized that Starhub offers more discount for every additional land line number/ handphone plan/ cable plan/ home internet plan and decided to switch the entire family to Starhub instead. Since then, life has gotten insanely better because...I no longer have to deal with Singtel's ironically lousy customer service over the phone.

With Singtel, life used to be so difficult because something would go wrong with the modem more frequently than I like and I end up having to call customer service to get it fixed (which we all know how it's like) - it is frustrating!

Starhub, on the other hand, has given me no problems at all which I very much appreciate after the experience with Singtel. Also, I don't pay as much because of the bundle discount which is super awesome! Many people complain about the 3G and I agree that it acts up sometimes, but mostly it works and it works well and we shouldn't neglect that!

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Smooth service
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(Updated: January 07, 2013)

Am I impatient or my 3G is slow?

I was once an M1 customer and a friend persuaded me that starhub has much greater offers for student plan. Well at that time he was right. Starhub was the only one offering the unlimited texts for students. However, as years pass by, I do not see anything more different in Starhub other than the slow 3G connection.

Moreover, the 3G connection is only "strong" at certain places. At Tampines, you will be used to see the "o" icon on the top left corner of your phone. Some places in town have this issue as well. This is a hassle for a zero sense of direction person like me who relies on google map to find my way around.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just getting impatient or my 3G is really just slow. I then load a youtube video to calm my nerves but then it loads like a turtle and so I got my question answered.

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