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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 16, 2013    

Nokia is an international telecommunications corporation. It is known for it's extensively wide range of iconic mobile phones. Nokia met high demands in the mid 1990s. Sales plummeted when Iphone emerged in this telecommunication society. However, Nokia successfully regained it's reigns by collaborating with Windows and forming the Nokia Lumia series. Nokia mobile phones are officially sold at Starhub, M1 and Singtel. Nokia stores are also available independently in Singapore.

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Nevermind, won't break one

I have just upgraded to an iPhone but I will never forget my previous phone, a sturdy Nokia.

In the mobile phone world, Nokia is known for producing handsets that can withstand most kinds of impacts. Drop it down a few storeys, drop it in the toilet, drop it for fun, and in most cases, your Nokia will be totally unscathed. Clumsy people, this is a great phone for you.

One thing I dislike about Nokia, though, is that they run on Windows. Their app market is really not great compared to Android’s and Apple’s. During the time I had my Nokia phone, I rarely used it for entertainment as very few apps available on the Windows market appealed to me.

Sigh. If only there was a phone that had both Nokia’s durability and Apple’s operating system. What an amazing phone that would be.

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Simply Indestructible

Ah Nokia, it used to be the most popular brand that everyone had a phone from. Now, it has lagged behind to such an extent that I wonder if it can ever catch up with the likes of Apple and Samsung now! My very first phone was one of those ancient black and white Nokia phones that I could play Snake on. The best feature that defines Nokia phones is that they are simply indestructible. No matter how times my clumsy fingers dropped my phone or hit something with it, it would still work. Compared to the delicate nature of smartphones nowadays, I really do hope that Apple and Samsung can take a leaf out from Nokia's book and learn to make their phones more durable!

Although Nokia has released good models from its Lumia range, I personally find it hard to make the switch back to Nokia because I find that its foundation in smart phone production is not strong enough. They run primarily on Windows software, which is not as established as iOS or Android, and the number of applications that can be downloaded from their App store is more limited. However, the people that have taken the risk to buy a Nokia phone has released favorable reviews thus far.

If you are bored of Apple and Samsung, it's possible to try out Nokia. Maybe one day they will stage a dramatic comeback and reclaim top glory again.

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Anyone who has used Nokia would know...

well would know what? You tell me.

Their phones are the drop-from-ten-storeys-down-also-wont-break types. You get my point? Durability. unlike the smart phones that everyone is using now, these phones don't give way so easily. Throw it everywhere, on the hard ground in the toilet bowl, your phone comes out unscathed. No dents, nothing.

The power of Nokia. However, their power and dominance in this industry has seemed to die down since their peak a few years ago. Now it's the samsung and apple battlefield while the rest just spectate. I won't ever forget Nokia's ball game and the snake game. They really do bring back memories just like it has and will for many other Nokia users. I do hope they come back up into the market and create more interesting phones for users who have always loved Nokia.

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