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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on March 10, 2014    

Woobbee is a relatively new brand of bubble tea in Singapore. A local setup selling home -made premium bubble-tea, Woobbee has expanded islandwide over the past 2-3 years. The franchise has also expanded to online ordering and delivery. It boasts of signature products such as double-chocolate pudding milk tea to healthy choices such as yakult green teas, with the added effort to lower calories while maintaining the best value for customers

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Mon-Fri 10.30am-7.30pm, Sat 11am-7.30pm, Sun 11am-5pm, PH closed
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< $10
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Bugis: 100 Beach Road #01-53, Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702
Tanjong pagar: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-18 Singapore, 082001
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Quality Local BBT

I currently work in the vicinity of the Tanjong Pagar outlet so whenever I’m feeling sluggish or have some time to spare, I would head over to Woobbee for a drink to get me through the day.

Its main colour scheme is an orangey-yellow so the place naturally has a warm, friendly feel. The staff too, are friendly and efficient. The drinks are of good quality – brewed well with nice and chewy pearls. Furthermore, they use only natural raw sugar in their brews. This is great as I’m all for healthier options, everytime.

For a local brand of bubbletea that has been in the business for only a few years, I would say that they are doing a pretty good job. This place sees long queues during the lunch and dinner hours, probably because it is the only convenient place to get bubbletea in the area. Having said this, I think that with good location planning, Woobee can make a name for itself alongside large Taiwanese brands like Koi and Gong Cha.

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Tanjong Pagar Plaza
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I guess that by now, it is not astonishing to find yet another bubble tea outlet whilst outside shopping. Hence, when I saw a Woobbee outlet outside Hougang Mall, I decided to try it out, notwithstanding the fact that I was thirsty on a hot and sunny afternoon as well.

One of the signature products was the double chocolate pudding milk tea, and it was this particular drink I picked, following my penchant for chocolaty drinks. The service was the first subject in which I was dissatisfied. Though the outlet saw a lack of people patronising, the sales assistant dilly-dallied after taking my order, exchanging a few casual sentences with his friend before moving to prepare my order. Moreover, he took a full 3-4 minutes to make my drink, which makes my record of longest time waiting for the bubble tea to be prepared. Lastly, he had the cheek to tell me to help myself to the plastic bag when I asked for one, and I ended up packaging my bubble tea in the plastic bag myself.

Drinkwise, I have to give it to them in that the double chocolate mixture was indeed rich and tasty. I absolutely enjoyed it, although I felt that it was sweeter than the 70% sugar which I asked for. However, any good points about the drink stops there as I found that 50% of the volume was pure ice cubes and another 20% pudding. Hence, I paid $3.70 (Quite an expensive price) for a pathetically small amount of drink.

Overall, even Sweetalk is a better choice.

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