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B2-103 20 Serangoon Ave 2, Serangoon Bus Interchange (NEX), Serangoon Singapore 556138
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Listing created by bxbong on October 17, 2012    

Originally from Taiwan, Come Buy is a bubble tea shop that aims to produce quality drinks for consumers. Using world renowned teas from around the world as well as fresh ingredients from contract farms, it sells a wide range of unique flavours.

Having established outlets around Asia and even America, Come Buy guarantees satisfaction with every cup.

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Worth it!

The thing I'm most fussy about with bubble tea is their pearls. Some bubble tea shops have really terrible pearls that are not sweet, and in fact leave an unpleasant aftertaste. But the pearls from this shop were really good! They're chewy and they're sweet, so to me that was a HUGE plus.

Taste-wise, it's really average, just as it is with value. It's about the same as your average neighbourhood bubble tea shop. What earned its higher rating is definitely 1) the pearlsssss and 2) their adorable name. Frankly I only bought from them at all because their name made me laugh when I saw it.

I'll buy from them if I'm craving bubble tea because even the so-called high end bubble teas don't make me feel like I'm drinking nectar from Heaven. This is value for money, even if the taste is nothing spectacular.

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just a bubble tea, nothing exciting

To be honest, I didn't have any good impression of Comebuy when I first saw it at NEX. It was just like another Koi or Gongcha feeling and i was't impressed. There was nothing special about the bubble teas they offer. I looked at their menu and was pretty shocked that there weren't many options I thought it would have. Unfortunately, none of the options appealed to me but I pretty much needed a drink so I just settled down for a safe choice- Passionfruit green tea. And well, it was okay, so-so and nothing exciting. As expected.I found the taste just like any passionfruit green tea from other bubble tea shops, with some chewy pearls and nata de coco. That's it.

I wouldn't say the drink is exceptionally nice. But it's decent and can quench my thirst temporarily. Besides that, I honestly can't find any reason to go back to ComeBuy. Perhaps I was hoping for an unexpected surprise that would catch me offguard and make me fall in love with this drink? But sadly, it didn't.

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Fruity stuff

Their tea is definitely not up to par with that of drink tea, koi or gong cha. The toppings are limited and not exactly that excellent. The only drink that catches my attention in this shop is the lychee juice drink.

Many of us grew up having drunk Yeo's lychee drink at least once, however, it seems to while on one hand being nice, it is also too sweet and comes as a bottled drink.

However, at Come Buy, the lychee drink seems fresh and is very thirst quenching. Their service is slower than gong cha, but the drinks portions coupled with the price makes it value for money.

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One thing about this bubble tea shop that I noticed is its limited menu. While some flavours are unique, the ones I tried were not the best I've had, and I was disappointed more than once.

The pudding milk tea they offer is perhaps one of the best I've had in all the bubble tea shops though. The pudding is smooth and not too sweet, while the tea is above average. With its slightly lower price, the quality of its bubble tea is actually worth it. But still, I'd prefer other shops.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

A Few Unique Flavours

As a die-hard fan of Passion Fruit drinks, ComeBuy has impressed me with its Passion Fruit Green Tea, titled "Passion Blast".I called for the sugar level to be at 50%, and luckily it was just right for me. The pearls are chewy and highly addictive, adding on to a pleasant experience. What's even better is that their Passion Fruit Green Tea includes chunks of Nata De Coco. Delightful indeed.

If you are feeling bored with the usual bubble tea flavours of KOI or GongCha, ComeBuy may provide you with a refreshing alternative, offering a few unique favours worth testing out.

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Variety of flavours

Can we just talk about the name for starters? What kind of a name is COMEBUY? Is it an order? Do we have to go buy? It is cliched and sounds more like something an uncle would be screaming at you in a pasar malam. Really? COMEBUY? Why not LELONG?

Now that we've gotten past the monstrosity of a name, COMEBUY does offer some experimental new flavours that provide something new to the bubble tea scene. The flavours there offer a refreshing new take on bubble tea. Although most of the odder flavours are more of misses than hits, they do have some great ones that completely hit the spot.

The portion sizes are also really competitive, and they rival KOI or GongCha.

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(Updated: December 12, 2012)


COME BUY is an up-and-coming bubble tea store that seems to be emerging at many locations and I can see why. Their drinks are served in big cups that give you your money's worth, and their Pearl Milk Tea is good enough to rival that of Gong Cha's.

While it is not as cheap as Cup Walker, it definitely tastes much better. Their Milk Tea is refreshing and the sugar level was just right - not too sweet, the right amount to prevent it from being bland. I really enjoyed my cup. Its pearls were also very chewy and COME BUY is quite generous with their pearls. The queue is also usually not that long, and you don't have to wait as long as you have to when you buy KOI or Gong Cha. If you're looking to try other bubble teas, COME BUY is a good alternative.

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Not What I Was Expecting

I have to admit that I'm not exactly into the craze of drinking bubble tea. More often than not, I find it unhealthy, too sweet and fattening. (Yes, got to watch the calorie intake!)

The first time I tried COMEBUY was when it was on promotions (Yes, I'm the typical Singaporean that is always willing to purchase discounted goods). I bought chocolate milk tea, my favourite, and was eagerly looking forward to a "taste buds- pampering" session and I took my first sip with much anticipation.

Well, the first taste was good; within expectations, but nothing spectacular. It was probably, just a little better than the ordinary chocolate milk tea I would have gotten from other shops.
As I continued to swallow down the beverage (and my disappointment), I somehow realized that the chocolaty taste started to lose its appeal and it tasted more diluted.

Maybe it is after all, because I'm not such a great fan of bubble tea which lead me to the slightly negative conclusion on COMEBUY chocolate milkshake.

To be very honest, I have never, (since then) tried anymore of their drinks. So maybe, other drinks that they sell around in their shops are better and worth the bucks!

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Nice flavours that you cannot get at Gong Cha or KOI!

I love anything that has to do with grapes, and when I first saw the large promotional poster for a grape yoghurt ice blend at Come Buy at nex, I knew that it was going to be my virgin order there! Since then, I fell in love with this drink, especially since this is the only place that I know of where I can get such a drink. I have taken a quick glance at Come Buy's menu several times, and I'm keen to try out more flavours from this bubble tea shop soon! I've also tried their Hokkaido Chocolate, which is good stuff, I must say!

Another good thing about Come Buy is their cup size. Initially, I did not want to pay $3 odd for a drink because I thought I could get cheaper at KOI, but then I realized that I was paying that amount for their large size, which is equivalent to that of KOI's! Really worth it, and I'd rather purchase their large than their standard size, because it's only a dollar difference for most of the flavours, I believe.

If you're tired of the popular names in terms of bubble tea, come buy something different at Come Buy (pun intended)! Your taste buds won't be disappointed!

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Best Part:
Grape Yoghurt Ice Blend, Hokkaido Chocolate
Branch Location:
Serangoon, nex
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