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#02-00 205 Hougang Street 21, Heartland Mall Singapore 530205
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Listing created by operationhazard on September 18, 2012    

Opening in Kovan Heartland Mall for the very first time in 2007, Cup Walker quietly entered the Bubble Tea competition by  introducing unique variations of bubble tea at afforadble prices. Famous for its Pudding Milk Tea, the shop continues to open outlets in the heartlands of Singapore, reaching out to the less popular estates, establishing its brand.

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Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
Paya Lebar MRT (EW8) #01-04, 30 Paya Lebar Road, (S)409006
11 Rivervale Crescent #01-K7, Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082 (Sengkang)
Downtown East - E!hub #02-108, 1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599
Pasir Ris Blk1 Pasir Ris Central #01-21, Pasir Ris, 519634 Mon.-Sun. 10:30-22:30


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Cheap and nice

When my friend introduced me to Cup Walker, I never expected it to become my favorite bubble tea shop. Granted, I still buy lots of bubble teas from shops like KOI and Gong Cha, but that is only because I could not find Cup Walker stalls around my area (West).

What I really like about Cup Walker is that it came in a larger cup than normal, yet is priced much cheaper than the others (around $1.30-$1.60). I really like the taste and chewiness of the pearls from this stall. Personally, I think the milk tea from this stall is still the best, as compared to the other bubble tea shops.

Well, everyone has their own preferences, thus I guess you just have to try it for yourself and make your own decision. However, if you want to save money on bubble tea, Cup Walker is a definite choice for you!

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Weird Concoctions

I tried Cup Walker once because my friend recommended it to me, especially because the size of the drink is very large and the price is much cheaper than a lot of other bubble tea chains. I decided to take a risk and go for a strange flavour rather than the typical milk tea, and ended up with their sakura plum drink (or something like that).

It tasted really, really strange, neither like sakura nor plum, so I’m not sure what they added in it. I’m also glad I bought it at the right timing because right after me, the queue became extremely long. Because of the weird drink, Cup Walker did not really enter my books of favourite bubble tea shops, even though the cup size was larger. I also would not want to queue so long for something that may not be good.

The outward appearance of the shop also does not look very appealing as it looks like any other brandless bubble tea shop. The locations are also quite sparse, I believe there is one at Paya Lebar and at Pasir Ris. Although it is near the MRT, I hardly go to these two places so I would not pass by it at all.

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Lost its appeal to me

Cup Walker used to be the only shop I'd go to for my bubble tea - it was sort of the king of bubble tea shops in Singapore I guess? The servings are huge and I love the taste as well, especially Honey Milk Tea and Chocolate Milk Tea. However as bubble tea became increasingly popular, and more and more new shops started to appear, Cup Walker began to lose its appeal to me.

Shops like Sweet Talk offer relatively cheaper bubble tea yet with almost the same serving, so I soon found myself going for these alternatives. The now-famous KOI and Gong Cha sell more expensive bubble tea, but I find myself purchasing them all the time because there're much more variety of bubble tea, and they taste better as well. Cup Walker, on the other hand, has not improved itself to fend off its stiff competitors. There is no doubt drinks from Cup Walker taste delicious and are not the most expensive, but with so many close substitutes with the same price range, I can't help but find myself drifting away from it.

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(Updated: November 26, 2012)

possibly the first SG Giant cup outside of Taiwan

The first time I've tried Cup Walker was at their Suntec branch: they were a cozy stand nestled within Carrefour, next to the Boulangerie section, which served up LARGE drinks that are much bigger than they sound! In fact, I still remember ogling at their seriously GIGANORMOUS Pearl Milk Tea cups that just beg to be shared, lest the drinker loses all appetite for dinner.

Granted, that was before KOI entered the scene with their Large drink options - which are comparable in size, but definitely not in value. A large Green Tea Macchiato from KOI, their cheapest option, will already set you back $2.90, whereas Cup Walker teas go for $1.50 on average. Therefore, while the likes of KOI and Gong Cha remains my poison of choice (with their smoother & more sophisticated rendition of the Classic Milk Tea), I will still patronize Cup Walker.

Even if it's only for their simple, pearl-less drinks like the Honey Lemon, which is my current fave.

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Brings back memories.

Cupwalker used to be one of my favorite hangouts with my friends. After a long grueling day spent in school, we loved to stroll languidly to compass point for a refreshing drink at cupwalker. I love the flavor of passion fruit in their bubble tea so almost always I would order passion fruit flavored bubble tea with pearl. The pearls are really chewy too!

Of course, after KOI opened in Compass Point too, I find myself going there more often than Cupwalker. Yes, the prices in KOI may be more expensive, but sometimes I can't help but feel that KOI tastes better than Cupwalker. Perhaps I prefer milk tea more than regular bubble tea itself. Plus, KOI is also more Instagram-worthy too.

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Good ole bubble tea

The rise of 'premium' bubble tea has made the news in recent times, with cafes such as KOI, Gong Cha, and many other indie stores. However, if you ask me, I would rather grab a cup from Cup Walker or Sweet Talk.

I don't see the allure of the aforementioned cafes. How many variants can you have before eventually running out of alternatives? I understand the craze that's going on (take a look at the States, bubble tea is a phenomenon there), but I would rather stay clear. A $4 cup of 50% less sugar from KOI? No thank you, I would rather take the $1.50 one that's equally delicious.

After all, no matter how many healthy you think you are, the point is you are still drinking bubble tea. It doesn't help much.

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Value for money

Despite the craze over many other bubble tea shops like Koi or Gongcha, I found myself going back to cupwalker to fix my bubbletea cravings.

Though yes, there might not be as much variety of drinks at cupwalker as compared, but they had the standards covered. The reason I went back to cupwalker though, was because of it's affordablity, with decent quality and quantity.

For example you might get the standard milk tea for $3+ at Koi, but only $1.30 at cupwalker. I dont know, but this meant a lot to me as a student. I mean, a slight top up for a cup from Koi could easily get me three bigger cups from cupwalker!

I usually get just the milktea, or the chocolate milktea when I'm cravung for something rich. Despite having a limited selection, they do have flavours for you to play around with too!

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Best value bubble tea!

The chocolate bubble milk tea always draws me back to this shop. I like that it's not too sweet and that the chocolate powder is very well mixed so that there's no powdery taste. Pearls cost an addition 30 cents I think, but overall for one cup of bubble tea the size of a large cup of Koi, the price is very very reasonable. It only costs about $2! The pearls are quite chewy. The only grouch is the location. It's not very easily found across the island.

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Cheaper alternative for KOI.

I love the honey milk tea with pearl and the milk tea with pearl. Pearls costs extra. The milk tea is not too sweet and the content of milk is just right for me. Although it cost a few cents more than sweettalk etc, the cup is slightly larger too. So it kind of cancels out the difference. Hence i would rather go for Cup Walker than other cheaper but horrible tasting alternatives.

They have quite a few branches. Their service is prompt and polite. They ask and don't assume my preferences unlike some F&B shops.

I will crave for their milk tea hence I believe it is a good enough substitute for KOI etc.

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Cheap, but not as good as Gong Cha or KOI.

Cup Walker is a good bubble tea outlet in the sense that their prices are significantly cheaper than the likes of Gong Cha and KOI, and the cup size is also bigger.

Because I am a fan of Gong Cha's milk tea with pudding, I decided to try the same thing at Cup Walker. Yes, size wise is definitely a big difference, but the pudding for Cup Walker tasted funny, much unlike Gong Cha in which the pudding actually makes the drink sweeter (thus I can ask for less sugar).

However, their fruity and ice-blended flavours are still not bad, and at the price you are paying, it is still of a good standard, and I do wish that Gong Cha had fruity flavours similar to those of Each-A-Cup. Could consider Cup Walker if you are craving for bubble tea but are on an insanely tight budget!

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Branch Location:
Kovan, Heartland Mall
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