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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

SHIRAZ is a restaurant dedicated to bring you the delicious Persian cuisine at great prices. All our food is prepared from the freshest cuts of poultry, meat, and fish, ensuring an authentic taste! Our menu features a wide variety of great appetizers, delicious entrées, savory wines, and delectable desserts.

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(Updated: April 25, 2013)

appalling hygiene standards

Was at the Clarke Quay outlet today at about 8.30pm on 25th April 2013. Apparently it wasn't a busy time so only the food preparer was there or perhaps the cashier was on her restroom break. He had a food handling glove on his right hand and his other hand was not gloved, presumably so he could handle the cash.

I passed him the cash for my order of 'spicy chicken' at $9.20 which he chose to handle with his gloved hand. He then proceeded to dig through the coin tray for my change. I mean he is obviously right handed but it defeats the purpose if you're go to have an ungloved hand yet handle the money with your gloved one.

Was hoping he would change his gloves or perhaps handle the food with his left hand, which he had just fitted with a glove. But to my horror he then proceeded to dig his hand into a pile of fresh chicken meat with the very same hand he used to rummage through the coin tray just moments ago. I completely lost my appetite and I also feel sorry for all the other customers that night who will not be aware of this incident or how their food is handled.

Food quality wise I think they provide a decent kebab options in Singapore especially since its a niche just waiting to be filled. I would have liked my kebab with a bit of cheese by making it optional like what they have in Australia which adds so much to the kebab. And its really pricey considering the little amount of ingredients they use. It was my second time at Shiraz and thinking about this incident is enough to make me not ever want to come back again.

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clarke quay
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Definitely the best place for a Kebab

I have tried Kebab's in turkey before and I can't help but feel that those made at Shiraz are comparable. The meat is marinated with the right spices, grilled to juicy perfection and served on a nice and soft pita wrap. Add to this authentic Hummus sauce and a generous serving of mozzarella cheese and you have a a mouth watering kebab right there.

I guess what makes this place such a success is that it is actually run by Middle Eastern folks. That means that you food is actually prepared by a Middle Eastern who has probably ate Kebab’s throughout his life and knows what is needed to make it good.

I guess the only issue with dining here is that it costs so much more than eating in one of the numerous middle eastern restaurants in Arab street.

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Embarrassment to Middle Eastern visitors

I will never forget my experience at Shiraz - how embarrassingly bad it was, that is. I had patronised the Clarke Quay outlet with Middle Eastern visitors. They were less than thrilled with the authenticity and quality of the experience, to say the least. Don't allow them to mislead you into thinking that their menu is entirely Persian, either. A few items are actually Levantine!

Some dishes, like the chicken kebabs, were still passable. But what made me cringe at the memory of Shiraz is the belly dancer that evening. For someone who has learnt about different oriental dances over the last two years, Shiraz comes off as tacky and sexualised.

Of course Shiraz's claim to fame is "authentic Persian cuisine". I bet there are authentic Persian dishes in their menu, but the belly-dance... is definitely not authentic Persian much less Middle Eastern. Don't come here for a cultural immersion.

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Clarke Quay
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Delicious kebabs!

I have never enjoyed kebabs as much as I have enjoyed Shiraz's. Granted, I rarely eat kebabs, but I guarantee that Shiraz's kebabs are good. I gave it a try at the Clarke Quay outlet in The Cannery, I was blown away by how good it tasted. The meat was cooked just right, it was chock full of other ingredients as well. It was a good lunch as the place was quiet and I could sit down at one of their few tables and slowly savour the kebab. I don't know about other kebab places, but I would, for certain, recommend Shiraz for a good old kebab.

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Yummy kebabs on the go.

I came across Shiraz as a small kiosk in front of Takashimaya. It was one of those places where you can get to go food fast. The smell was so alluring that I had to try it out and I was pleasantly surprise. I had ordered a chicken kebab, The meat was not so dried up as how many of the kebabs meat in Singapore has degraded to. Instead it was juicy and just plain yummy! They were generous with the veggie and sauces. It made me feel at ease, because at least this fast food seemed to be a little bit more healthier than the others. You could opt the combo as well.

Personally I think the combo is definitely worth it. The fries was nice and hot when I got it. It was a tad bit crunchy, and not all dried up or soggy. The drink would of course be a necessity for me, since I choke on food alot.

It's a perfect healthy to go food that will not haunt on your conscious as much as those fast food chains, but branches at Clark Quay and Taka is definitely a take away kiosk. I wouldn't really attempt on staying put because the one at Clark Quay is at the Cannery area, which means loud music and alot of people and the one at Taka is right under the sun.

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