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Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant and Bar

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Holland Village 32 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277690
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Listing created by poppy on April 22, 2012    

Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant and Bar boosts a vast menu and generous portions. It is famous for its chimichanga, frozen margaritas, and complimentary chips and salsa. Pleasant crowd and casual atmosphere, you can choose to dine indoors or go alfresco. If the chilli burns, quench the fire with Mexican beers.

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Brilliant margaritas but average food

I’m a regular visitor to Chachacha’s in Holland Village, I know that when I go my friends and I will have a good time, plus the Tom and Jerry’s playing on the TV in the background helps to bring out my inner child. However, apart from the Nachos, I feel that the food is so so. The chicken always seems a bit chewy and dry and the beef just doesn’t look appetising. My most comical experience being when my friend ordered beef nachos without cheese, she’s weird ok, and she was presented with tortilla chips and a small pinch of the driest looking beef that I have ever seen on top, nothing else at all. The accidental shred of lettuce underneath added to my laughter.

The food is decently priced however I find the portions to be a little too small, that is apart from once again the heavily loaded nacho portion, my favourite for many reasons. What I feel saves Chachacha are its margaritas. On my first visit I tried lime, not a fan, however when I tried the Peach, I was a born again Margarita lover. They’re available to buy in pitcher form so they’re perfect to share with friends, and they come in five different flavours so finding your favourite is both a fun and tipsy experience.

Don’t expect amazing authentic Mexican food, but if you just crave some fajitas and drinks to go with them, Chachacha is always waiting for you in Holland Village. I can’t count how many times that I’ve been there, simply because I know that it’s reliable and that I always have a good time. I also find myself staying for a fair while after eating, chatting with my friends and enjoying the fun atmosphere that comes with it.

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Mediocre and small portion!

My friend, who is a huge fan of Mexican food, recommended Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant and Bar to me when I mentioned that I wanted to try good Mexican food. I am pretty unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine because I seldom try it, but decided to give this well-known restaurant a shot.

We didn't have to queue to enter because it was a rainy Wednesday evening. However, if you intend to go there on a Friday evening, do remember to place your reservations because chances are, there will be a huge crowd. The last time I went on a Friday evening, I was told to wait 30-40minutes.

I love the layout of the restaurant's interior. The ambience of the restaurant was lovely, particularly because of the colourful walls and the bar which added to the chill and relaxed mood. However, the lighting was a tad too dim for me. It may just be a personal preference, but I found it difficult to eat because it was so dark. If I were to return to the restaurant, I would definitely opt for alfresco dining.

I was a tad bummed when I read online that there will be a complimentary bowl of chips because my table wasn't served that. So do remember to ask if they forgot! As a result, we ordered a plate of nachos with shredded chicken. It was average to me, and rather overpriced. They were also not as crispy as I had wanted them to be. For my main course, I ordered the shredded chicken wrap, which to my disappointment, came in a rather small portion. I finished it in a few bites. Also, I thought it was rather mediocre. I guess it would be better to order the combo meal.

Perhaps Mexican food just doesn't agree with my taste buds. Judging from how popular it is, there is no harm giving it a try if you haven't tried Mexican food.

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Holland V
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A bit 'jia lat'

I have only been to Cha Cha Cha once and I have not been back there because I didn't really like the food that much. When my friends and I were planning to go there, I was really excited because I like mexican food and had heard about this eatery in Holland Village.

They did serve complimentary salsa and chips. While the Salsa was good, juicy and tasty, the chips were bland and not as crispy and crunchy as they should be. A friend of mine ordered a taco with a beef filling, and the beef filling was rather dry and bland. Another ordered a veggie taco and it was so loaded with cheese and mayo; that it really drowned out any other flavor that could have been there in the taco.

The best dish would probably be the chimichanga, if you go there; maybe just stick to ordering that. Overall I found the food a bit too 'jia lat' for my taste - after a few bites I got pretty sick of what I was eating. However, maybe if you really like lots of cheese or mayo in all your food, then you'll be ok with their dishes. it was a bit too much for me though.

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Holland Village
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Love their margaritas!

Located in the heart of Holland Village, it is a great place to hang out with friends at night and have wonderful Mexican food, then head over to any of the bars in the area. I like their food despite the fact that most of the dishes are spicy and I cannot take spicy food - goes to show how good it is! They very nicely catered to me and my big group of friends in their cosy restaurant, and made sure we were comfortable despite feeling a little cramped. You can't go wrong with margaritas as well, be sure to order one! (Or 5.)

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