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Bedok family clinic and surgery

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Block 218 #01-17 Bedok north street 1 Singapore 460218
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Listing created by Meimei on June 26, 2013    

Neighborhood family clinic that is part of Healthway medical group.

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8am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-12am
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< $100

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Pleasant trip to the Doc's

When I told Dr. Hasina that I felt like there was a fur ball stuck in my throat, she let out a friendly laugh.

Trips to the doctors' are usually short, quick and straight to the point. Let's face it, nowadays, many doctors in neighborhood clinics simply ask questions relating to your sickness, never asking about how your day was. Most don't even look you in the eye for more than a minute, eager to get you out of the room as quick as possible.

But Dr. Hasina's (she was on when I went to then clinic Tuesday morning) friendly demeanor and light conversations created a comfortable environment for me to approach her easily not just about my bout of flu, but also some sensitive feminine issues I have been facing; this can be daunting if the doctor wasn't as genial as she was.

The interior of the clinic is clean, modern, well kept and welcoming. The front desk staff are friendly and jovial. To top that off with a easy-going and professional doctor, it made this very sick girl's trip to the clinic quite pleasant.

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Doctor was happy to entertain my health-related questions
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