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Tongrentang (TRT) was founded in 1669 and had been designated to provide medicines for the royal pharmacy of the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty for 188 years. 

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TCM with Beijing Tong Ren Tang S'pore

I got to know this TCM after giving birth to my first baby. My body suffered a lot whereby I did not have energy (Qi) and therefore I was not possibly to take care of my baby at all. I would even felt dizziness if I got wet in the drizzles.

The sensei who attended to me was very impressive indeed , though I paid abt SGD400 during each visit (including Chinese herbs). I already getting better in the first consultation, so I only consulted for 6 visits.

It has been 12 years since then, nonetheless , this sensei is no longer working for them.

Recently, I visited Tong again & I chose a snr physician. Apparently, she was far more below my expectations.

She treated me for 4 consultations over 3 months - this time round they were charging far more expensive than 12 years ago. I finally given up as no improvement at all ....

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(Updated: September 18, 2013)

Highly Effective Natural Herb Medication

I have an aversion to seeing doctors and an even greater aversion to taking medicine, especially those made of drugs. I much prefer healing by natural means.

I first got to know about Tong Ren Tang at my vacation at Beijing last year. The physicians at Beijing Tong Ren Tang were all imperial physicians during the Qing Dynasty and were all very skilled. The last imperial physician is still alive and is 90+ years old. He has since retired. The tour guide informed us that this physician is China's 'treasure', like the panda, but there are a few hundred pandas in China (or is it a thousand?), but only one surviving imperial physician. Hence he is a very precious treasure to China.

I was coughing then so I bought an over-the-counter cough mixture called Fritillary Loquat Syrup (Chuanbei Pipa Tangjiang 川贝批杷糖浆) which is made of natural herbs and cost only $2+ for a 150ml bottle. This cough mixture proved to be very effective. The first dosage stopped my cough for a few hours.

A few months ago, I had a flu. I visited a polyclinic where I was prescribed some medication. The medication proved very ineffective even after more than a week of taking it. Fed up, I visited a Singapore branch of Tong Ren Tang at South Bridge Road. It is located next to Hotel 81 and opposite Chinatown Point. I bought the same cough mixture and another medication called Cough and Phlegm Relieving Capsule (清热化痰止咳). Needless to say, these medication are more expensive in Singapore than in China. However, the good news is, they are still affordable.

When I was paying for my medication, a very friendly saleslady advised me to consult their physician if these medication do not work. She said that the physician is better able to tailor the medication according to my ailment. I thanked her. I hoped I didn't have to consult their physician because I had a feeling the consultation and medication fees don't come cheap and can possibly cost more than a doctor trained in Western medicine.

Fortunately for me, the medication worked. However, I must add that the medication I bought worked because the cause of my flu was due to heat and not to cold. For a flu caused by cold I believe one would need another type of medication.

Since I prefer natural healing for minor ailments, Tong Ren Tang's OTC medicine is a godsend to me. Now I know where to get my herbal medication if I'm down with flu again.

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