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Listing created by wangkh on March 29, 2013    

Company providing TCM consultation and treatment. Provides Chinese medicine in powder form in easy to consume format.


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Expensive but convenient

When I was younger, my parents avoided Chinese Medicine because at that time, you will get the raw ingredients and need to boil your medicine. That was very troublesome.

Nowadays, TCM is very convenient. They come in powder form and you just needed to mix the powder in hot water and it is ready for consumption. Also, Chinese Medicine was known to be very bitter but the powder form medicine does not taste bitter anymore. You can actually tell the physician that you don't like bitter taste and they will add in some sweet ingredients to lower the bitter taste.

Ma Guang also provided acupuncture and I felt acupuncture was very useful for me. I had an ache at my foot for a very long time and after I did acupuncture, the pain really went away. The only thing about TCM is that its effect took longer to be felt. For the acupuncture, I went for a few treatments before the pain stopped completely.

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