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Cheong Family Clinic has been at it's convenient location for several years now. The clinic offers consultation and provides medicine to unwell residents in their vicinity.


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Family Clinic

Ever since I was young, my family and I have been going to Cheong Family Clinic whenever someone in the family got sick. One of the reasons being that it was relatively near our area, and also because it wasn't as expensive as other clinics in the vicinity.

The service there is really good. The doctors I've seen through the years at Cheong Family Clinic has never let me down, and have always succeeded in making me feel better. When I was younger, I remember receiving stickers from the doctors whenever I had to visit them when I fell sick. It certainly made me feel better. Once, when I was 9, I had to take a blood test, and the doctor gave a huge pack of stickers to reward me for my bravery and not crying when they extracted my blood. I guess, in a way, this has made visits to the clinic less daunting for me as a child, and I'm sure for many other children who visit the clinic as well.

However, the clinic isn't very large, and at peak periods, the waiting line can get very long. I only wish that the clinic could expand to accommodate more patients at a time, but I understand that they have their limitations too.

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