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At Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (MPVC), comprehensive and progressive care is provided for pets through the practice of evidence-based medicine. The strong belief that excellence in client and patient care can only be achieved by investing in continuing education for MPVC staff and in providing the most advanced veterinary technology has kept MPVC on top of the veterinary industry.


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No complaints at all....

Mount Pleasant Vet is doing great job by setting up emergency veterinary clinics in different regions of Singapore. Highly appreciated their mind blasting ideas to preserve animals under excellent medicinal care supervised by internationally recognized veterinary specialist.

No complaints at all. Looking forward to do lot more work with them in future.

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I've brought my dog and rabbit to the Katong branch a couple of times before, as it's quite close to where I stay. The receptionist was warm and helpful, and would cheerfully chat with customers. The vets that attended to my pets were friendly and pleasant as well, and very patiently explained their situation to me.

The major downside though, is the generally steeper cost of the vet fees here. For instance the staple services such as consultation, sterilization, and vaccinations all cost a little more than average, from what I know. I suppose the fees could be justified by the good service I received, as vets from other clinics that I've brought my pets to before were more brusque, but it still makes quite a large difference if you own a number of pets.

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Ok, not great

MPVC is one of the most popular veterinary clinics in Singapore, but I do not think that they are the best. I decided to tag along during one of my dog's visit to the vet recently and I was rather unimpressed. Firstly, their staff at the reception counters (they have two) were not very friendly. One of them even ignored me and had the "I'd rather not talk to you if I could" vibe. This was certainly unexpected, since I believe that the reception service is one of the most important aspect in a vet clinic. Their service was not god awful, but they could do better to make the clinic more welcoming for their customers.

Next, their consultation was not thorough. With the amount of money that customers are paying, providing pets with a general checkup should be included. Instead, the vet dived straight into the reason why I brought my dog to their clinic and skipped the general checkup part. I understand that different vet clinics have different protocols, but I believe that giving a general checkup should be a basic service that is provided to all pets during every consultation. Also, before I weighed my dog, I asked the receptionist (who was also a vet technician) if it was alright to do so since I suspected that my dog had Ringworm - a contagious skin disease. I was surprised that the girl gave me an odd look and said that I could proceed on with weighing my dog, after which I noticed that she didn't carry out any form of disinfection on the weighing scale.

Lastly, I followed the vet and vet techs to the back of the clinic where they did some skin tests on my dog. I noticed that they had combined their wards and preparation room. From what I'd learned and noticed while interning at another vet hospital, animals get stressed out when they see other animals in distress. It probably isn't the best idea to have their preparation area together with their wards.

In all honesty, I think you can get equivalent or better value-added service at lower costs at other vet clinics in Singapore. I can't say that I would feel completely assured if my dog was placed in their care.

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East Coast
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