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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on April 27, 2013    

The WAH! Banana team is supported by Garena where they work as LoL commentators. Djehuty and Foxy started this video channel on their own with the help of their friend Elliot who guest stars in most of their videos. Although comedic videos like '16 Types of People at Sentosa' remain their staple, they have been experimenting quite vigorously with different styles and collaborations with other youtubers.


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Wah Banana is no doubt one of the most successful local YouTube channels - they have even collaborated with international YouTubers like Wong Fu Productions and those in Asia like Night Owl Cinematics or Dan Khoo Productions. The original frontline trio of Djehuty, Foxy and Elliott (excluding the cameraman) have left Wah Banana and formed their own sole YouTube Channel titled "Tree Potatoes".

They are pretty hilarious, with most of their jokes leveraging on sly puns. Elliott is the most hilarious because he doesn't hold back in making a fool out of himself for the fun of it and for the audience's entertainment. The new team is generally younger and provides more novel experiences; but I personally do not find them any better.

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WAH! Banana is one of Singapore's more famous YouTube channels. They usually post funny and comedic videos that feature slapstick humour that is sure to make you laugh. I stumbled upon their channel a few months back and I love watching their stuff because it is light-hearted and provides for a great source of entertainment.

I like that their video ideas are original and even if not, they put their own spin on things such that no productions of theirs are ever boring. The original cast of WAH! Banana are no longer there, but new cast members have stepped up to take their place. From what I can tell thus far, videos are not as entertaining but they do show a lot of potential! The original cast has gone on to start a new YouTube channel wholly controlled by them, TreePotatoes. Response has been great and I believe they are well on track to becoming one of Singapore's better and more quality video productions.

Looking forward to each new video of theirs!

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