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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on April 27, 2013    

Night Owl Cinematics founders Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan are part of a group of fun loving full-time cinematographers. They do commercial work like MTVs and wedding videos but in their free time make fun videos with Singaporean themes. My favourite video of theirs which got me instantly hitting the subscribe button was the hilarious 'Shit Singaporean Girlfriends say'.


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Even when I am an avid YouTuber who regularly watches YouTube videos and subscribes to multiple channels, Night Owl Cinematics still managed to elude me until quite recently. I subscribe mostly to international YouTube channels because their content and charisma is simply much better than what I see on local channels. However, Night Owl Cinematics gave me a wonderful surprise by being able to produce content that was funny and yet not overplayed. Their kind of humour is probably best described as being slapstick, which makes for a very good way to relax and unwind.

I love how authentic and local their videos are, and how they never fail to make me laugh with each video that they upload. They claim to simply be a group of fun-loving film-makers which I find to be apparent in their videos. Quite unfortunate though, that they only have about 92,000 subscribers because they definitely deserve much more attention and exposure.

Also, they are looking for actors/actresses, assistants, interns, graphic designers and producers. I think they will be a good company to try out and work for, so do give it a shot if you think you fit the bill! Really looking forward to more of their productions in the future. They do not post very often, so each video they upload is going to be throughly savoured and enjoyed.

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Easily the best Singapore youtube channel!

I absolutely adore Night Owl Cinematics and their Youtube channel. Actually, if anyone can make me laugh as hard as they do, I'd probably adore you too.

Night Owl Cinematics is Singaporean comedy at its best! With Singaporean-themed videos like 'Shit Singaporean Boyfriends Say', or '11 Types of Singaporean Colleagues', it definitely allows us to relate to familiar scenarios that hit close to home. Dialogue is usually a witty fusion of Singlish, Hokkien and Chinese that pokes good-natured fun at the typical things that us Singaporeans would usually say.

Also, the cinematography by Night Owl Cinematics is amazing! I've personally tried making some videos with a few of my friends for school projects, and nothing - I repeat, nothing - that I've made has ever come close to how Night Owl Cinematics does it (though I suspect my personal lack of skill may be a major contributing factor, but that's an entirely different story altogether).

These guys have certainly improved a lot along the way. There's quite an obvious disparity in terms of video clarity, cinematography and acting skills between their oldest videos and their newer ones, and they just seem to get better and better with each successive video they make.

My personal favourites would probably be '8 Situations We Want To Escape From' and 'How To Be A Girly Girl', which I definitely recommend watching if you're looking for a good, unadulterated laugh. Night Owl Cinematics is definitely one of the best Singaporean Youtube channels in town! Take the plunge and watch one of their videos - trust me, you'll be hooked.

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Absolutely brilliant!

Having watched basically all their videos, I will testify that Night Owl Cinematics is hilarious! They're not afraid of bringing out our Singaporean side - in fact, the local flair to their videos is what sets them apart. Videos like "11 Types of Singaporean Colleagues" made me crack up while feeling strangely proud of who we are. Being a film-making business, they also show off their wide range of talent, producing touching short films and advertisements. Yet, the product placement is done so comically that it makes it endearing, rather than annoying.

NOC has only been up for a year, but they've come a long way since then, from a three-man (or two-man one-woman!) show to a full ensemble cast and crew. Thumbs up to Sikeen, who would probably be my favourite if I had to pick one, although all of them are incredibly talented and hilarious as well!

If you're looking for a good laugh, I would suggest going with their more recent videos, which are a sure deal-breaker, although if you have time to spare on a rainy day, their other videos are worth checking out as well. With their skilful cinematography and hilarious sketches, Night Owl Cinematics get a two thumbs up from me!

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