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Specialise in body pain and aches including slipped disc, scoliosis, spondylitis, frozen/stiff shoulder, insomnia, chest tightness, bone spurs, migraine, dizzy spells, etc. Spot infrared and Body Far Infrared therapy also available. 

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9.00am - 7pm (Mon-Sat) 10.00am - 5.00pm (Sunday)
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Skilled body therapist at affordable prices

I was referred to Long Xiu Massage by my parents. My parents are regular customers at Long Xiu and will make it a point to go for a therapy session with Daniel (owner of Long Xiu) at least once a week. Daniel is an experienced body therapy and is well-trained in a range of therapy techniques.

I have been experiencing pain in my left knee and arm for about a year. The pain in my left knee is especially unbearable whenever I am walking down the stairs. As for my arms, it hurts when I try to lift it. I have tried physiotherapy/ tuina places recommended by friends but the pain always come back the day after the physio session.

When the pain got really bad, my parents suggested I give Daniel's techniques a try. And boy, am I glad I did. Before he started the therapy, Daniel asked more about the pain that is bothering me, so that he can apply the right technique. It was a short but really effective 20 minute session. Right after the session, my entire body felt so much more relaxed and less tensed; my knee and arm could move painlessly. What really convinced me about how skillful Daniel is, was when I stopped feeling the pain in my knee and arms. It has been three months since that therapy session and my knee and arm are no longer giving me problems.

Nowadays, I visit Daniel for his energy therapy technique. This technique facilitates the healing of the body and unblock lymph nodes and rids the body of toxins. The result of that is a SLIMMING effect of the body. I was so so so thrilled when I tried out this technique. Just after 2 sessions (one session lasts around 25mins), I slimmed down visibly. I didnt realised it until my friends commented on my slimmer body and asked if I have been dieting and exercising.

This energy technique is painless and so effective for me. I am on my 6th session with Daniel and I am very happy with the result, went down a couple of dress sizes :DDD

Definitely recommend this to all you guys who have been trying so hard to lose weight but is struggling with it. Give Daniel's technique a try. I think it's really reasonably priced ($30 for a 25min session) and effective!

Daniel's shop (Long Xiu Massage) is located near Marsiling MRT, beside S11 coffeeshop.

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Friendly owner, effective techniques
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Your friendly body pain and ache specialist

There are places and shops you will wish not to visit or hope never have to, and traditional tui na massage shops are one of those places. But when the situation dictates, knowing a good one can make your life better. Such is the bitter sweet irony of life, the proverbial "love-hate" situation.

I was referred to this body/ache therapist by a trusted friend, to treat my daughter who was diagnosed with scoliosis. For those who don't know what scoliosis is, it's the abnormal curvature of the spine that afflicts many children, particularly young girls (especially from 8-10 years onward). Most parents will be notified of this when the scheduled physical check up for their children in Primary 5. Other than the usual wearing of Boston brace to straighten the spine, regular therapy by trained body therapist can help in easing the corrective process.

The owner/therapist at Long Xiu Massage, Daniel Loh, is an experienced practitioner who is trained to treat a wide range of body aches and bones issue. His professional, candid and friendly demeanor helps plenty in easing patients stress. During the therapy session, he even brought our attention to related issues that may affect my daughter and also recommend other specialists as his skill is not in those area. (he will you have know those specialists are brought to his attention by many of his clients who have used and liked the service. That's no conflict of interest as he does not know them nor take referral fee. It just simply helping one other, that's it).

His charges are reasonable - $25 for a 25min massage. And if after successive therapy session that are shortened due to reduced massage time, he will reduce his charges accordingly. Do check out the attached pic of his charges for other services.

So for those residing in the northern part of the island, should such services be be needed, you will be well served by Master Loh at Long Xiu.

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