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L.C Fu Li Hua Foot Reflexology Centre

L.C Fu Li Hua Foot Reflexology Centre Hot

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#B1-22/23, Liang Court 177 River Valley Road Singapore 179030
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on May 31, 2013    

Located in the basement of Clarke Quay's Liang Court, L.C Fu Li Hua runs strong style Taiwanese style massage. It's foot massage is very popular with the working crowd and Japanese Tai Tais during peak hours and weekends and appointments are necessary at those timings.


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Bad experience

Perhaps things have gone for the worst since the great review from Bryan Choo in 2013.

I had a weird experience yesterday and honestly I felt slightly harassed.

Firstly, when I went to the counter to get a slot, the man (in his 60's) just gave me a paper that wrote '4:45pm'. No words spoken, and I thought he couldn't speak (which he can after I finished my session).

I went for a 40 mins foot reflexology session yesterday (12 Feb) at 4:45pm. The masseur attended to me spoke almost no words, just told me to pull up my jeans. Okie, this is when the weird shit starts. He put a lot of cream on my left feet and starts to massage, but barely massage, more of touching my feet. I told him to apply more pressure, but he did not comply.

Again more superficial act of spreading cream on my feet. I would expect real tui na but he was really just going through the action. Spreading cream around my toes. At this point I almost lost it. I was fuming. I wanted to leave. This is wasting my time because I don't pay for a guy to play with my feet. What makes it more uncomfortable was another masseuse behind was leering at me 80% of the time while massaging the back of another person. What's up with the employees at this place? I felt uncomfortable as a woman visiting a foot reflexology centre when male masseurs do not respect female customers and conduct themselves professionally. I have visited a few foot reflexology centers but I've never felt more disrespected and certainly, harassed.

After the session ended, I went to the counter to complain and this man just pointed a paper on the wall written in Japanese language. He says that means I can choose my own masseur and it was like my fault that I don't tell him which masseur I want. Uncle, I don't speak Japanese and why did you not have your notes in English? He gave me a $2 off for the bad experience, but it was not enough for me to not write this review. I love the price but would not return again for unprofessional service and leering masseurs.

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My favourite foot massage in Singapore

I like strong massages so was super happy to discover this place. Actually Chloe brought me here as she used to work at UE Square and during lunch hour she would come here for the massage with her colleagues. Its very popular with the working crowd and with Japanese Tai Tai's who frequent Medi-Ya and for good reason.

The lady owner who frequently mans the stall herself is Singaporean, but they adopted a Taiwanese massage style approach. Its super strong and hard, and they used special cream with it as well so its nice touch. No icky oil and the moisturizer? makes the massage so much more comfortable. You can really feel them digging into the soles of your feet and it feels so good!

The quality varies depending on which masseuse you get but they are generally all alright. Most of them are strong young men with strong arms instead, instead of the usual uncles. There was this time one of them was even wearing formal office wear. Unbelievable!

I've been here over 20 times already and usually get their 40 mins foot/back massage at $27 which is more than enough. Although they say foot massage only, they will throw in a short back/shoulder massage at the end while you sit upright. Another great touch!

Yea so save your money, all the expensive spas we have been to that offer crap foot reflexology at triple the price aren't even comprable to this.

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Clarke Quay
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