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The Stable Mixed Martial Arts® is a US-style MMA gym offering top quality Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Sityodtong Muay Thai training and JKF Goju-Kai Karate in an ambience similar to that of a California MMA gym. Founded by London educated entrepreneur, Shaun Thio, The Stable MMA gives you the same high standard of training similar to top MMA academies in the United States, Muay Thai training camps in Thailand and Goju Karate dojos in Japan. For Muay Thai, you will receive official certification from our champion Thai instructors for each level of your progress. You will also be eligible to attend regular training retreats and compete in Thailand. For Goju Karate, you will have access to regular seminars by Japanese Karate masters and all the grades we award are officially recognized by the Japan Karate-do Federation, Goju-Kai in Japan. Since opening our doors in January 2011, The Stable MMA constantly ranks as one of the top MMA academies in Asia in terms of quality of instruction and number of classes offered. At The Stable MMA, we believe you deserve the very best in training, all our Muay Thai and Karate classes are taught by authentic Muay Thai champions from Thailand and senior Karate black belt instructors recognized by Japan. There is a huge wealth of experience available to help you achieve what you want whether that be to do fitness training that is fun and helps you to acquire effective self defense skills all the way through to being a full-time competition player who can compete at the highest level in Muay Thai, Karate and MMA.

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Not worth your every penny, effort and time.

Being a sports buff i'm always up to trying out sports that i have never tried. One of which was Mixed martial arts also known as MMA. The stable MMA offers a one time free trial for those beginners wanting to try something new. As a beginner i went in with not much expectation and thinking this was going to be something easy you see from the movies. Well you see, i played sports that many wouldn't think appropriate for the ladies but i love the challenge and love proving people wrong.

Someone had recommended me to try The stable MMA so i went. Firstly the location of the place is very inconvenient. Deep inside turf city, it wasn't easy to locate the place. Furthermore the place looks very run down from the outside. I was then greeted by two build size muay thai instructors and they were both from Thailand. As a beginner you would think that it will start of on a slower pace but i was indeed wrong. I had to go through drills of punches and kicks which was something new for me and of course your body is not adaptable to it. What makes it worse was that i totally don't understand a single word spoken by the Thai Instructors. I got pretty beat up when i could not understand what the instructor mention and he came over to show me. The next thing i knew, he threw a kick in my abdominal without any warning and i suffered a pretty bad stomach ache for the rest of the day. Imagine probably a 90 kg man suddenly throwing a kick at a small size lady weighing 40kg. Of course it had to hurt. Well all i got was a sorry from the owner and the Thai Instructor and a glass of water. Could have received a better treatment though.

They said that first impression counts and definitely it gave me a very bad impression of the place. You are better off going to other MMA locations.

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