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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

Singapore’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine

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Magazine + Freebie

This is one of Singapore're most popular fashion magazines and personally I think it is worthwhile buying it. The magazines includes latest trends and fashion tips. It also bridal and cosmetic tips. The price of each magazine is around $6 and its really worth the while getting because of the free items that come together with it, sometimes even in a few colours. I remember getting an umbrella once, those that you can fold and store in the bag and easily whip it out when it rains. After reading the magazine, I remember re-using it by making file covers with a collage of fashion ideas and looks.
I still look out for this magazine above others from time to time.

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Close to the heart.

There are so many types of magazine, lifestyle, fashion, weddings and such. Fashion magazines are really useful in helping readers get a grasp of the current season's fashion, what fits what body shape and such and i guess it is rather worth it to pay some money to gain some knowledge.

Though it costs 6 dollars, it is still better than paying 20+ bucks just for a mag that is half to three quarter filled with useless ads.

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Calling all fashion lovers.

I am a big fan of fashion and I think this is one of the best fashion magazines I have ever read. The pages of this magazine are of high-quality and are especially quality. Sometimes, they even throw in freebies for readers when they buy a magazine. Most of the time, the freebies are highly useful, like a cosmetic pouch or free make-up samples.

I like how this magazine is trendy, featuring only clothes of the latest trends and recommends readers where to source for similarly styled clothing. The pictures are very eye-catching, and will entice readers to continue reading on. Despite the steep price of about 6 dollars, this magazine is simple and easy to read, a must buy for all fashion lovers out there.

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