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Singapore’s definitive pop and culture navigator, 8 DAYS is consistently Singapore’s best-selling English language magazine and the go-to guide for showbiz and lifestyle news, gossip, the latest in food, shopping, health and wellness, along with authoritative movie reviews, TV and music features.


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The magazine for the impatient drama watcher

Everyone who watches channel 8’s 9pm dramas will understand the feeling, the suspense when they end off in a cliffhanger every. Single. Time. The best solution for us is probably the 8 days magazine. The spoilers at the end of the magazine are our lifesavers. I’m always dying to know what happens after the cliffhanger. Does she die? Is he caught? Do they kiss??? So many questions and 8 days holds the answer to all.

8 Days is my go-to magazine for spoilers to stop the uncomfortable suspense I’m put in after every episode. They have detailed write ups about the upcoming episodes of the drama which leaves me very satisfied every time. 8 Days also has really interesting and informative content which I love to read. The magazine has the updates on all the latest eateries and shops, it’s definitely worth a browse.

The next time you see 8 days on a shelf, do grab a copy and you might enjoy the local gossip and interviews featured in the magazine. Don’t just browse through though, we have to support them so that they continue providing us with quality spoilers every week!

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I remember the good ol' days!

Back when I was about 6-7, I used to watch a lot of television especially local Chinese dramas at 2.30pm, 5.30pm, 7pm and 9pm. Every single day. And so I loved that section of 8Days where you get to look at the upcoming episode's synopsis, probably not the most entertaining bit of the magazine but still it was the first page I'd flip to when my maid received her weekly 8Days (yes, she subscribed to it!).

Now that I'm a bit older and watch much less television, I don't find myself reading this magazine as often, probably only once in a couple of months when I chance upon it. It definitely has entertaining articles and interviews and compared to other local magazines, it has more substance and doesn't feel tacky nor obnoxiously-written. Writers seem to have at least attempted to do a bit of research as can be seen in celebrity interviews so thumbs up and good job to them! (: Movie and album reviews do tend to veer towards slight biasness rather than projecting a fair opinion, occasionally pinpointing unnecessary details but nonetheless its a review so to each his own (:

That said, I probably wouldn't subscribe to it but I'll continue to buy it every now and then just to brighten up my day a little :D

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(Updated: December 12, 2013)

Truly local magazine

I read alot of magazines - some of which local and some foreign. But for the local magazines that I read, I can't help but find them a little too pretentious. What I'm saying is that it tries way too hard to shed its local tag and contains very little local content. I am glad that 8 days is none of the above.

At a price affordable to everyone, the magazine is filled with throughly entertaining content written in a witty yet cohesive manner. This is besides the fact that humorous and apt local lingo is occasionally incorporated to make it even more relatable to SIngaporeans.

I am proud of the work that 8 days have done for the local media scene and will continue to be a loyal reader of the magazine as long as it is able to keep up its good work.

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Fav mag to date.

I still buy the mags, but not as usually as before. i remember i was an ardent fan of this magazine, never failing to buy a copy every week, even though the cover didn't interest me. Well, i didn't even take a look at the cover, i just ask for it, pay the money and leave gleefully with starched mag in hand. Even though how uninteresting the cover looked to me, i believed that literally, we cannot judge a book by its cover, that the contents in it will not make me regret buying it.

I was right actually. Every week's issue, i never fail to learn something new whether from the cover stories or the writers. Rather than reading those foreign magazines with diet diet diet and scandals splashed across the covers, this magazine is far more informative. They look into the lives of our favorite actors and actresses and even checks out the latest eateries and cafes in our little country of Singapore.

Information injected with humor, i like.

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My favourite trash magazine

I used to buy it every week but, for various reasons, I buy it every other week. Or sometimes I read it off the shelves in supermarkets. :P

Great for keeping up to date with the latest trash news and celebrity (local or international) gossip. Also good for food lovers because they do recommend some good places to dine at. If you're running out of ideas of where to eat at, just flip an 8 Days. I'm not sure if you can trust all of their reviews though. They do sing praises for restaurants/eateries that are only so-so.

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So worth it.

When I was young, I used to be a huge fan of celebrities. I loved reading magazines, but with the little pocket money I had, I could only afford to purchase 8 days magazine every week.

What I really like about the magazine is that it has juicy entertainment news, good food reviews and music as well. I liked how they would usually provide highly detailed movie reviews, giving me a better idea of what I should watch in the theatres. Also, the TV sypnosis was perfect for people like me, who cannot stand the suspense of having to wait for the TV episode to air! All in all, this is the perfect magazine for anyone who is looking for movie, music recommendations and celebrity gossip all in one package!

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Quality entertainment for just $2!

8 Days is one of the few magazines that I actually subscribe to, and I am never disappointed with any of the issues that they deliver to my mailbox.

The magazine features several various segments on entertainment, lifestyle, celebrity gossip and even food. It's an extremely entertaining read, as the writers there are witty and sharp, and often make funny straightforward quips that make me smile when reading it.

I particularly like the section on food in 8 Days. They often introduce new or notable local restaurants, and has become one of my favourite food guides to turn to whenever I feel like trying out something new in Singapore.

8 Days also features drama synopsis, which is pretty much a dream come true for people like myself who loves spoilers. I'd read the synopsis for the subsequent episode after watching each episode of local dramas on Channel 8.

The price for each issue of 8 Days is extremely worth it too! $2 for a magazine of such pristine quality is definitely a steal, and the magazine is ageless in a way that people of all ages can read it, so it's definitely worth the buy to share among families!

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$2 For more

8 Days is probably one of the cheapest magazine that you can find in Singapore, which features about upcoming movies, interviews, celebrities gossip and rumors. I would usually buy one of this and read it at my free time, and it was really great, as I am able know the latest news of my favorite actors and actress that was featured on that week in the magazine, as well as knowing which idol group that will be coming to Singapore to host a concert.

There is just so much to know in this magazine, and sometimes you can also see great deals of new electronic gadgets, food that are having offers and locations. If you are deciding on which movie to watch, you can probably read the movie review section to know more. This magazine is pretty much similar to I Weekly and Teenage which the both are Singapore Made Magazines as well.

Almost all of the pages would give you something interesting to read, even if is just advertising. At times the 8 days magazine also packs along freebies, such as a small bottle or a sample of candy or facial cream for the readers.

Just for $2 and you can get all this latest pop craze and humorous to read. It is one of the best Made In Singapore Magazines!

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

An entertaining read

Ahh, 8 Days Magazines. Good times. What I loved about the magazine, it'll probably take me the whole day. I enjoyed reading my favourite celebrity gossips. Come to think about it, I was obsessed with them. What makes it even better is that the writer takes on the issue with a humorous perspective.

Each issue only costs $2. Pretty sure no other magazine's this cheap.(Except for i-weekly). Other than gossips, the magazine also features music and movie reviews, travel and food. The content's pretty great just that I feel that it could use a bit more depth. It would've been great if the crew behind 8 Days tackle these areas with a fresher approach.

One issue that I had was the number of advertisements. There's too many of them. I would rather the pages be spent on useful information(DIY etc) instead of advertisements.

The design is great. It has a smart design that's easy on the eye.(which hooks you in) In addition, It's inspiring to see that 8 Days doesn't solely focus on beauty and bodies.

All in all, an extensive read for just $2!

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Good Value!

Good old 8 Days. Read it since I was really young as I especially love the TV Listings and Spoilers segment. Nowadays due to work, I am not able to reach home in time to watch my favourite Chinese dramas on TV so this is where 8 Days come in handy with the spoilers. I need not miss the storyline at all.

And the magazine features many new places to discover in Singapore and recommends many places to eat and the latest fads. It is from 8 Days that I found many new cafes that I might not have known otherwise.

For just $2 you get a lot of juicy information on the happenings in Singapore. And the frequency of the magazine is higher as compared to the other monthly issued magazines so it just keeps us enticed and coming back for more.

At times they will have freebies packed along with the magazine and it is really a good deal. Once I had a huge box of frosted cereal when I bought 8 Days. It is truly a Singaporean magazine that we will all enjoy.

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