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Stay close to the heart of the action in Singapore with the Hotel at Marina Bay Sands. Be treated to comfortable rooms and suites, and indulge in unforgettable city-skyline or tropical ocean views. Marina Bay Sands offers guests four different types of rooms: Deluxe, Premier, Grand and The Club Room. It also offers guests an upscale luxury stay at its suites.


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Premium Hotel

Even to a Singaporean, Marina Bay Sands is impressive. I came here frequently last year for various company events and D&Ds. The convention center and ballrooms are very well suited for big events and weddings although the it can be abit difficult to find your way to the correct ballroom.

The shops available, however, are obviously meant to cater to the high-rollers of the casinos, tourists, and rich Singaporeans. Most shops are premium brands and the prices are much more expensive than those found at other shopping malls.

A curious attraction is the Sampan ride along a man made canal. at the basement. Why anyone would pay to sit on a sampan, ride along a canal that is basically a straight line, while all the rest of the shoppers look at you in bemusement is beyond me.

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Top notch service and scenery

Stayed for two nights for my birthday celebration and those two nights were one of the best nights ever spent! I stayed from 9 Aug - 11 Aug 2012 and it was a wrong time to stay because there was an insane crowd camping around the area to watch the fireworks from the skypark. Due to the crowd, our check-in time was delayed and we had to queue up for 5 minutes in order to get to our room, lobby and skypark. The room service was extremely impressive. They set up a full table complete with table cloth, flower decoration and the food quality was great. When we mentioned that our fridge was not working, we had staff replacing it with another one within 10 minutes. On top of all that good stuff, the service is ver personalized and sincere. I was addressed by name whenever I called for help and they sounded genuinely willing to help.

Of course, the skypool cannot be missed. Went for a swim in the morning and the relaxing feeling is beyond description. Ordered some drinks from the bar just at the pool area and it was a great morning spent lying on the deck chairs sipping pina colada at ten in the morning.

If anyone ever gets the chance to stay here, please do not hesitate. (Remember to order room service and you would know what I mean)

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A Magnificent Stay

A luxurious stay in one of the best luxury hotel in Singapore, what more can I say? I celebrated my Christmas 2 years ago in MBS and it was a perfect holiday. Although the prices may be steep, it is definitely a good value for money. The beds are ultimate comfy and the comforters are thick and cozy. The single beds are huge and 3 of us could easily share a bed without any discomfort!

The room service and prompt. As there were quite a number of us in the room together, I bet we were quite a nuisance with the constant calls for extra towels, glasses and ice buckets. At night, we played drinking games, and unlike the stays at other hotels in the past, that night, we received no complaint phone calls at all! The walls are probably sound-proof. No matter how much noise we made that night, it was all muffled once you are out of the door. I highly recommend people who are wish to celebrate their 21st birthday and are willing to part with their money to just book a suite and have it luxuriously done at MBS!

Also, you get to visit club Ku De Ta (which in my opinion was a little too classy for my enjoyment) and the best part is, you get access into the infinity pool! It was easily the highlight of the stay, and it was really pampering at its best. It was blissful to simply lie and tan atop the 56-storey high building overlooking the whole city. I would definitely love to be back again!

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Spacious rooms and worth it for the view

Stayed in MBS with a friend. I am not one to spend so much on a hotel room but I would say MBS is one of the few places that delivers the standards you expect for the room rates. I love the floor-to-ceiling windows. Makes you really feel like you're just standing on the edge looking out over the city. Great views, day and night. Comfy beds. Really spacious. Fancy TVs that can be hidden. Fancy showers. Top notch for quality.

The skypark is also quite something. Recommend dining up there or having some drinks at Ku De Ta. Wednesdays I think is the night that is pretty good. Lively but not too packed and the nightlights... man... amazing!

The shops and stuff, too much on the high end for me but since they are catering for luxury, you really can't miss that aspect of it. Everything is sparkling and grand.

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Another dimension to the Singapore skyline

Marina Bay Sands has become a globally recognized icon in Singapore, and has made the Singaporean city skyline more beautiful with the building's unique three towers and a ship laying across all three towers. Definitely eye-catching.

Although the hotel and shops here may cater to the more high-end customers, it is still nice to walk around the Shoppes, and admire the several installations that are present in the mall itself. Also, the art science museum is an affordable and enjoyable activity for people of all ages.

Popular with foreigners and also many locals, all Singaporeans should pay a visit to this spectacular work of architecture at least once.

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

When you're in Singapore, you have to visit MBS

One of Singapore’s most well known landmarks currently, Marina Bay Sands is a destination that is not to be missed, even those who are not guests of the hotel. Sure, while the architecture of its façade is debatable, the luxury and comfort factors that MBS strives to satisfy will win you over. Check in and valet service can get a little too slow for liking, but take the time to survey your surroundings and drink in all that MBS has to offer.

I have been here several times, stayed in all the rooms and 2 suites, ordered room service at exorbitant prices (you’ve been warned), swam day and night at the Infinity Pool, and guess what? I'll still visit the hotel again in a heartbeat.

*Sands suite with the city view has got an unbeatable view of the CBD area.

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Not much of a business hotel

This is a very well known hotel thus it explains why huge crowds are always here. A mix of guests consisting of travelers and business people, I found this place too much. People are everywhere. The hotel lobby is always packed. My worst experience was during check-in. The humongous crowd attributed to this. I have to wait roughly around 20 minutes before my turn came. The staffs are downright unfriendly, maybe because they're just too tired to handle this massive crowds.

Been here on business purposes, I think this hotel attracted the tourists more. With people taking pictures everywhere, I found it overwhelming and this place is just overrated.

Thank God the room is great. Nice and clean, that's what you expect on such hotel.

The only thing that amazes me was the infinity pool, which is always full. Well at least, you can get the whole view of Singapore from the highest peak.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Good facilities

My experience in Marina Bay Sands was splendid. The service was beyond what anyone could imagine. Being the typical 'auntie' my mother was, she requested for almost everything she could - tea, coffee, sugar, pillows, blanket, etc. Despite our countless calls to the customer service, we were greeted with respect and sincerity. Requested items were sent to us within five to ten minutes with precision.

The pool was the facility that I enjoyed most during my stay at MBS. It felt as if the entire world was below you as you swim at the peak of MBS. The Jacuzzi was warm, yet not scalding. Swimming with such a wonderful view makes all the money spent worthwhile.

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Impressive piece of Singapore symblolism

In recent years, it seems that Marina Bay Sands has outstripped the Merlion in becoming the symbol of Singapore. Indeed, this magnificent piece of architecture, a stunning design incorporating glass and steel has won recognition worldwide, and its hard not to feel an ounce of respect for it even when looking at its tiny speck from a far distance.

The exterior of Marina Bay Sands, as I observed from my post opposite Bayfront MRT Station, was towering and majestic. A gentle giant with its sights far and wide. In the interior, it was far more impressive, when you look up, the ceiling seems in another galaxy. The entire atmosphere of the place has a feel of 'money'. Indeed, huge volumes of money transverse through the building as numerous visitors flock here to gamble in the world-renowned casino. The suites available for them to stay in far outstrips any 5-star hotel. Moreover, the rooftop view enables you to have a cooling respite while enjoying an amazing scenary of the Singapore horizon.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Sleep like a Boss

Marina Bay Sands is becoming a global icon that Biography Channel made a show out of it and it is still airing.

I have been here a few times and personally, the service is world class. The rooms are of course highly maintained. If I am a foreigner who just came from an exhausting day of travelling, I would love to hide under MBS duvets. It is very comfortable, soft and compliments the room's temperature. You would not feel too cold or too warm with it. Perfect blend.

Moreover, for the shoppers out there, MBS has most of the high end brands from Channel to Armani and even 7-eleven! It offers wide range of shops for different shopping needs and for those feeling lucky, they have the popular casino.

MBS has it all and it very convenient place to stay at if you wanna visit most of Singapore's attractions. Pricey yet worth it.

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hotel of the moment

Personally, i had a great time during my stay at MBS and my room was pretty neat, very spacious with a living room area, huge toilet, big balcony with nespresso machine and twg tea bags (for me good instant tea and coffee in room +1000 points). I think it's one of their suites and we had free tea/cocktail and breakfast at the top deck but sadly none of us made it there because we were having a bachelor's party in the room.

This is the most coveted hotel in Singapore at the moment and I have to say every tourist wants to stay here for at least a night if they can afford it. The hotel is an attraction itself with so many things to offer from the museum to the shopping to the theatre to the casino to just soaking in the infinity pool katy perry style.

The pool area however can be really crowded on a weekend and its more for going oooo ahh ooo ahh over the view and the sexy bodies than actually swimming.

Also, having approx 2500 rooms and running at over 90% occupancy most of the time, it can be a logistic nightmare and sometimes, it takes you an hour or more to get your bags. Checking in happens only after 3pm and sometimes even later. There are also 2 lobbies with a coach bay and tourists always get lost for their pick ups. It is also important to tip your bell boys because you get your bags faster and to be honest, nobody will say no to money. In the service industry, fire your tips away and get good services. In fact, MBS has mandatory tipping for per bag for you stingy folks out there and they will charge it to your card when you check out.

Of course, if you are local and looking for a staycation, none of that luggage nonsense applies. If this hotel is good enough for J.Lo, it should be good enough for you.

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Awesome view but other than that, overrated

Of course, the sky park's awesome view is really beyond description. The swimming pool's concept of looking as though there's no glass panel is also really cool and has successfully amazed me with the wonderful architecture of that. However, the crowd makes it rather hard to move around and take photos.

The room was big and it had an awesome view of the city. The toilet is big too but I suppose many other high end hotels in Singapore also offer the same room quality as MBS. So I suppose the awesome city view came with a heavy price tag. Other than that, cleanliness of the room was pretty good too and I asked for extra towels which came quite fast. However, my friends and I booked two rooms and we requested for side by side rooms but apparently, when we collected the keys, the rooms were rather far apart as the concierge staff said that there were no more side by side rooms.

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(Updated: December 09, 2012)

Fifth on the "world's top 20 ugliest hotels" list

I read an article recently that our beloved Marina Bay Sands was ranked fifth at the "world's top 20 ugliest hotels" by British The Telegraph. The newspaper described the building to be "some kind of space-age surfboard". May be the newspaper did not know the architecture marvel that went into the building of this hotel.

From what I remembered, the hotel completion was delayed by a significant number of months because of the "surfboard". There was some difficulty not foreseen in raising the surfboard. I always passed by the construction site when the construction was ongoing, the armies of cranes at the construction site itself should have been testimony of the scale of the project. May be if the design was more symmetrical, it would not have been viewed as a surfboard. I am not an architect so I cannot comment why it was not designed to be symmetrical.

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