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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on June 18, 2012    

Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore's most graceful landmarks. More legend than hotel, this luxury Singapore hotel celebrates a tradition of unwavering service excellence spanning more than 125 years.

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Raffles Inc - $690
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Fountains Galore at Raffles Hotel

Nothing says classy like an old colonial building. And when it comes to classy buildings, the historic Raffles Hotel takes top spot.

Whether you're there for an acclaimed (and highly priced) Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, or for a weekend stay (lucky you), you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. For us, we're there for the fountains. It's quite likely the one place in Singapore with the highest concentration of pretty fountains - great if you have little ones who are into wishing at fountains.

I love how it's located so conveniently at one of the busiest MRT stations, and yet all the traffic noise and dust kind of fades away the moment you step onto the hotel's grounds.

For a hotel that charges a cool $600+ per night (and hey did you know that the late Michael Jackson stayed there too?), it surprisingly also offers some very affordable food options. If you're not the sort to shell out $27 for a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar (or $14 for the virgin version. Yes, $14 for a fruit juice, thank you very much), check out Ah Teng's Bakery which offers wallet-friendly eats from as low as $2.50 for a muffin, which is cheaper than what most bakeries are charging these days. And the set up is really lovely. Casual wear is welcomed, but don't push it with your home gear.

If you're early for a meeting around the City Hall area, or have some time to spare, pop by the Raffles Hotel for a little stroll. There's a chance you'll emerge with a considerable lower stress level.

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Eat at Ah Teng's Bakery!
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Falling in love among the arches

So first things first, the Raffles Hotel interior would make a kick-ass (is that a bad word?) haunted house, just saying. With its long corridors and hidden nooks and crannies, it's a horror game waiting to happen. That being said, a spontaneous trip with the family today to the grounds of this old dame made me feel like I was was the ghost instead, wandering silently through the corridors of Singapore's little bit of history.

One thing I loved about the interior of Raffles Hotel is the tranquility that came with it. Wandering along the long hallways as an odd bird chirps out on the lawn, is an experience that you can hardly get unless you are knee deep in a swamp on a nature reserve. The really old-school colonial architecture from the early 1900s, with its high arching windows and regal staircases made the photography geek in me die a little bit inside. There were also several murals painted directly on wall panels which I found, added a really quirky touch to an otherwise stately white-washed building.

When I popped over there today, it just so happened that a outdoor wedding ceremony had just finished, and the display with the bridal tables and bouquets were still on the lawn. While the actual wedding decorations int he venue was very simple, the entire scene looked like something out of a Korean drama! (minus the cancer-ridden female lead) Belatedly, I realised that it was the natural fauna in the lawn and the general serenity of the surrounding hotel blocs that added and enhanced the simple wedding setup to its almost disney-wedding end product.

Call me a romanticist, but skip flying all the way to Korea to act out your favourite Korean tear-jerker drama moments with your significant other, just head over to Raffles hotel instead! I'm pretty sure if you look hard enough, Raffle's Hotel enchanting Brontë-ish atmosphere will cause you to fall in love all over again.

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Visit the lawn!
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(Updated: November 21, 2013)

Rather rustic!

The puny sized military band I was in received an invitation to perform at the famously ginormous Raffles Hotel several years ago. I was bubbling with excitement. I've never ventured into this hotels compound before but I recalled mistaking it for a British colonial palace during my adolescent period.

The interior was as majestic as the exterior. It seemed to be a rustic sanctuary where towering pillars that were individually carved or etched, dominated. However, the lobby was a slight let down. It wasn't anything remarkable. It was so unremarkable it didn't mark itself into my memory system. There was also a queer gaping location. A rectangular patch of roofless site randomly placed nearby the flight of stairs. Plants were visibly absent despite that roofless sunspot venue. I remembered all of us being blanketed by wonder. Wonder what and why that rectangular patch was randomly allocated there. Was it to commemorate and remind tourists there that Vitamin C is a necessity?

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The carpets and towering pillars
Tips for new visitors:
Arm yourself with humongous sunny hats and shades
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Different feeling

The good thing about having a big family is that you will have a lot of cousins and that also means that you will have a lot of wedding dinners to attend. I come from a big family and I was lucky to say that there is no family tradition to say that wedding dinners should be held at certain restaurants so we were all free to choose our own venues for wedding dinners.

One of my cousins actually chose Raffles Hotel to have his wedding dinner. It was a unique experience for me because I had never had any excuse to visit Raffles Hotel until that day.

This was the first hotel that I visited in Singapore that was going horizontal rather than vertical. So going from the ballroom to the honeymoon suite was walking a longer distance than compared to just taking a lift up to the higher levels. By going horizontal, space becomes more precious and so although this was a high rating hotel, it did not give the feeling of spaciousness that other similar rating hotel can provide for its honeymoon suite.

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