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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on May 25, 2012    
Goodwood Park Hotel is the luxury heritage hotel in Singapore. Housed in a uniquely designed building dating back to 1900, much of her original beauty has been faithfully restored, with the Grand Tower gazetted a national monument in 1989.

Situated at the top of a small hill and surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, Goodwood Park Hotel is located in the heart of the shopping and entertainment hub of Orchard and Scotts Road and is just 10 minutes from the main banking and business district.

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Poolside Suite - S$675++
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I visited Goodwood Park Hotel twice, both for wedding dinners. Situated near Orchard Road helps in adding a touch of class to the place. Yet, getting there might be a hassle especially if you are driving since that area is notorious for slow traffic. Parking is also a problem because space is limited. Hence I suggest just taking public transport! Saves good time and money.

I like that the place manages to retain a facade of old architecture instead of being ultra modern and glassy. The staircase banisters look recognisably aged and going up that staircase to the ballroom and coming down again later makes me feel like royalty. I wish. The ballroom is classy and boasts a giant chandelier hanging from its ceiling. Appearance wise, all good.

Food was pretty normal for hotel standards. Not horrible, but nothing that stood out apart from dessert, which was yam paste with gingko nuts. The first time I had it, it was great. Not sweet, not too tangy, just the right texture that didn't leave me feeling overly stuffed or bloated. Second time however, was disappointing and failed the rigorous standard I had set from my first experience. Not too keen on a third try.

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Durian lovers paradise

For all durian lovers, they would have heard about the durian puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel. They are not the cheapest durian puffs in town but they are in hot demand. There is a very high possibility that when you are there to buy the durian puffs, they may not have any stock.

The durian puffs there do not have the overpowering smell of durian but still there will be some smell especially in confined spaces so it is still not advisable to buy the durian puffs and take public transport back. If you are just buying the durian puffs, you can park your car for free outside the lobby for a short while, just tell the security guard you are buying the durian puffs only. The staff at the counter selling the puffs are hotel staff so their service is very good and they are also very polite.

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a different kind of glam

My fondest memory of Goodwood Park has got to be its buffet dinner, where my family used to frequent (and by frequent I mean at least once a month). I have to admit though, I haven’t been back in quite a while, so I hope that the food and standards are still like what I’ve experienced there.

The food was lovely. I know people always say that we shouldn’t pile on the carbs at a buffet to ‘save more tummy space for the expensive foods’, well, either I’m a real fan of breada (those mini hard rolls), or they do their bread really well. What I always do is that I’ll take a mini hard roll, toast it in the conveyer belt toaster, and take a small package of butter (I even remember that they use the brand Anchor). I’ll slice it halfway but not through. Then the whole package of butter goes it. That is buttery goodness at its best. The cold butter slowly melting into the warm toasted crispy bun – that is something that I will never get sick of.

And the oysters! That was where I learnt to like the taste of oysters. It was so good, so fresh, I ever once had 9 in a sitting!

What I like about the hotel though, is the decor and the architecture of the building itself. Unless other modern hotels, this is an old and elegant feel to it, from the piano to that semi circular steps that has a red carpet laid on it.

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(Updated: May 26, 2012)

durian puffs

As a Singaporean, there is no need for me to be staying at a hotel so I am here to recommend their durian puffs to you. Mention Goodwood Park Hotel and the first thing that I bet many Singaporeans think of would be their durian puffs and durian cakes. The durian puffs here are expensive, I cannot remember the price but coming from a hotel, you can expect it to be priced too low. The durian is wholesome and creamy. The ratio of actual durian meat to the cream is probably 8:2. The magical thing about this puff is that although the durian flavour is very potent, it is not overwhelming at all. Some durian puffs can get too overwhelming but that is not the case here.

I would say that this is an upper-scale version of the famous durian puff/cakes wholesaler 717. The puffs are a reflection of the price. The durian here feels more aromatic and the puff has a very different feel from 717’s. You have to try it. If you are afraid of durians, this puff might be a good stepping stone for you to embark on your durian-tasting journey. Highly recommended! The good and polite service is also a thumbs-up. Nothing to hate about the durian puffs and cakes here except for the price but as a durian lover, I will gladly shell out the money for it.

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