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Listing created by poppy on May 13, 2012    
Art lovers would appreciate this gem of a hotel, a tribute to one of America’s greatest contemporary architects, Michael Graves. The designer lends his elegant, distinctive strokes to every aspect of this boutique hotel, from lamps to crockery, to lounge chair and carpet.

Stepping into Hotel Michael is like entering an art gallery, with mural-adorned walls and artistic furniture pieces that tell a story in every honey maple-coloured room. Even the child-friendly bathroom is a work of art, covered with a flower motif mosaic-covered wall and unusual blue mosaic-tiled circular shower. To admire sweeping views of the resort or the Merlion, a stay at Hotel Michael is for those who see beauty in design and dare to be different.


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(Updated: February 28, 2014)

Artsy but unpleasant

I just came back from a birthday party at Hotel Michael and I must say that the hotel is very artsy but perhaps not to my taste.

The room is in a spick and span condition when I arrived but the lightings looked a tad too old for a new hotel. The television channels were limited as well. For me, I would love it if wifi is complementary for guests so that I can surf the net during my free time. However, Wi-Fi costs SGD 32.10 per 24 hours, which I think it is pretty unfortunate because I thought wifi will be provided. In addition, the customer service is only average for a 5 star hotel.

Of course, there are splendid facilities such as a spa and wellness centre, a classy restaurant, and bars. Overall, I wasn't impressed or wowed by the hotel except for the architecture and hotel design. If you are the kind who appreciates arts, this is the place for you because Hotel Michael has relatively great design sense with its unique decor.

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Not a bad choice for cosy birthday parties

My first stay in Hotel Michael was from a friend's relative who had scored enough points to redeem a night's stay. We decided to call some friends over to hang out while celebrating my birthday. We got a deluxe room that was on one of the higher floors so we had a great view at night. There were about 5 of us in total and it felt really cosy.

Security didn't seem very tight as all of us did not have any issues getting to the rooms. Their service was well within expectation - the staff were polite and chirpy.

Something that bugged me was the cleanliness of the corridors and the room. The carpets were dusty and it was evident when we swung our feet up onto the bed. It also felt a little creepy walking along the corridors...the hallways were a little echo-ey and it felt like a scene straight out from a horror show - minus the flickering lights.

Although there was a reasonable selection of channels on the television, the reception was not good and that pretty much turned us off. It proved to be a blessing in disguise as we gave up watching tv and ended up catching up with each other well into the night.

There was a security guard on duty in the wee hours of the morning who was really helpful in helping us get a cab at that timing. I enjoyed my stay but felt that I would have a better quality stay at other hotels with similar pricing or with a small top up.

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An Intriguingly Artistic Hotel

I just came back from my little 'staycation' in this hotel today, and I thought that it'd be fitting to write out a review based on my experience, although it wasn't a very fulfilled one since I was only there for a night.

Nonetheless, it was great just like any other hotel I have been to. When I first walked in, I was more focused on the hotel's architecture and how cold their air-conditioning was rather than the numerous amount of paintings they displayed. Well, for a first impression, I felt very comfortable, but I don't really have a huge liking towards smaller hotels unless they have that holiday, 'beachy' vibe to it. I wasn't expecting it to be a huge hotel, as Resorts World Sentosa already has lots to offer with their many hotels and attractions, but I didn't like the fact that it was small, it just doesn't contribute to the luxurious and lavish experience that they claimed it to be.

After further observation, I realised that the hotel was decorated to honour the works of Michael Graves, an artist which I had absolutely no idea about until I stayed in the hotel. I don't understand his work, it's very geometrical, and his paintings focus more on understanding rather than talent. I won't say that I am a person with great depth, but for a person that thinks and understands more than she should, I still don't get his paintings. Yet, the hotel gives off a very homey and artistic feel to it, and I really enjoyed it.

The room was splendid, nothing went wrong, nothing was dirty or disgusting, the pillows were oh-so-perfect, and there was plenty of storage space, considering that I stayed in a smaller room. But, to be a tad bit more calculative, they should've had more slippers in the closet, and we were short of 1 pillow, but those were easily solvable just by a call to the staff, in which they came to our help promptly.

In conclusion, I love the architecture, the service, the rooms, my extremely comfortable sleep and the hotel itself. However, just keep in mind that it's rather far from the centre of all activity in Resorts World, like Universal Studios Singapore. I have stayed in Hard Rock Hotel before, and I felt that it was much nearer than Hotel Michael, but then that would also call for maybe an extra ten calories burned! I highly recommend this hotel, and if you happen to spend your vacation or 'staycation' there, you'd definitely find yourself boggling your minds over Michael Graves' intriguing paintings, something enriching I suppose!

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Best part of stay:
The bed, I had an amazingly comfortable sleep.
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Double check with the staff if you want to use WiFi! Free WiFi might not be included in the hotel package you booked.
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Encapsulated by shades of brown.

Brown. Light brown. Dark brown. Beige. I swirled around in my Hotel Michael Room absorbing the numerous shades of brown and beige that I didn't know existed within a palette.

I was also greeted by an influx of wooden furnitures peppered appropriately around the room. I was not an avid fan of wood but the room sufficiently infused within me an adoration towards these wooden materials.

The toilet was akin to stepping out of the world. It has doors! A far cry from it's neighbouring hotel; Hard Rock Hotel. The toilet even had castle like windows installed above, near the shower area. My jaw dropped to the floor beneath my feet the moment my eyes laid upon the walls that encompassed the shower area. It was a mural! The mural oozed with a fusion of medieval, mystery and magic. Forget the televisions. I fed on more entertainment bathing whilst staring at this breathtaking mural than an entire stream of televisions blasting a myriad of movie channels displayed at Harvey Norman could.

I applaud the gigantic jacuzzi seeded in Hotel Michael. The button to on the jacuzzi was also accessible unlike several others that I've been to. Unfortunately, there was a stark absence of the lifeguard. There was even a signboard there stating that no lifeguards will be on post there that day. What pool does not equip oneself with at least A lifeguard? It's like using mascaras without eyelashes present.

The room I was in had no balconies and the view it had was something that urges you to yank your curtains shut immediately. It was a view of the train station! Truly an eyesore for those who would like to soak in a stay-cation and not be reminded of reality!

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Best part of stay:
The jaw dropping mural-ed toilet
Tips for new visitors:
Bring your own floats.
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(Updated: February 09, 2013)

Not a must stay, move on to other RWS hotels

With its warm and welcoming interior, it comes as no surprise that the artsy Hotel Michael is designed and built to target families. What is appreciated is its distance from the shopping arcade and casino, making it a convenient choice.

Like other RWS hotels, the TV channels provided are somewhat limited, and wifi is sadly not complimentary. The swimming pool of the hotel wasn’t enough to impress, but one can try walking over to Hard Rock Hotel for a more magnificent experience. There isn’t much to rave about Hotel Michael for its neighbour hotels are much more impressive.

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