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Listing created by Melody on May 12, 2012    
The latest edition to the Marina Bay waterfront line, the hotel is situated right at the mouth of the bustling streets of Singapore. It is a prestigious high-end hotel that has luxurious facilities, and is also part of the fullerton hotel group.

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At night, this place is a stunning sea of lights - it is as if you're watching the bright lights of the fireflies hung upon the exterior of the place, creating a palace of glory in the fading sun. Walking down the waterfront, there is a certain calmness that envelops me: there is something therapeutic about walking down slightly moving waters that reflect the dark blue skies with a tinge of purple while feeling the cool breeze brush against the soft of my skin. There is something beautiful in the marvelling of the painter of the skies up above - and in that, I find comfort. The exterior of the Fullerton Bay hotel provides that majestic aura that catalyses the emotions within me.

What a beautiful scene. I will never forget the beauty of this place.

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Narrow stroke of uniqueness

My nieces launched a birthday party there several months back. It was a struggle finding this hotels whereabouts. We even mistook the venue for the original Fullerton hotel, completely shrugging aside the word 'Bay' printed in bold on the invitation card. Dear Fullerton Bay Hotel, it wouldn't harm if you'd splurge some cash over humongous neon signs stating the name of your hotel. After much enquiries from Fullerton Hotels bellboys, we arrived at the actual destination; Fullerton Bay Hotel - which apparently was right smack across Fullerton Hotel.

The lobby yawned before me. The choice of furniture there lingered near the realm of stiffness. Formal was written all across the lobby. Men and women clad in suits strutted here, there. They're practically everywhere. I felt like I had ventured into some suit and tie universe adorning an apparel akin to trishaw rider's uniform.

I ventured further into the hotel. The floor upstairs spoke an utterly different story as compared to the previous one. The party was by the pool. There were splendid tents and cushion padded rattan chairs scattered there in a systematic manner. Stereo surround music was blaring from invisible speakers. The spread of food available at the table there would definitely trigger Prince Williams's nod of approval. Wind was constantly billowing there thanks to it's outdoor rooftop concept. Definitely a party venue that breeched near perfection.

The room did not fail to impress us either. There were televisions in the toilet. The toilet. HD LCD TVs. There was a picturesque cityscape view from the rooms. The construction of the rooms were far from the ordinary. It was like a sophisticated labyrinth that brought joy within complexity.

Unfortunately, the corridor was the definition of 'narrow'. There would be a human jam if two or three people attempts to strut side by side along this corridor. However, with the impressive array of items available there, I doubt anyone would give a hoot about the corridors scale.

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The rooms and pool
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Do not wear layers after layers of clothing else you'd be trapped in between the corridor walls.
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Great value for the price you pay

Most memorable anniversary present by my hubby. What he really did was just making the payment and it was the hotel experience that makes it memorable.

We arrived at the lobby and immediately someone came to ask me for my preferred beverage. Most of the time, I would expect to be sitting around and waiting for the registration to be done. The room was the next nice surprise, they knew its was for our anniversary, at no charge there was flowers in the room for me. The view was breathtaking. I work in the CBD area but it never looked so appealing from a luxury hotel.

I love the restaurants food with its great selection of wine, all matching my expectation of the price we paid. It was especially romantic if you are willing to brave the humidity and sit by the river. The service I experienced made me felt like Cinderella but you need to be nice too, else you will be treated like the Step Sisters in a classy way.

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Service and location
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I got the chance to stay here as my cousins flew in for a week and invited me to stay with them for the weekend. (Slumber party!) I was really impressed by the stunning view from the room as it faced the water.

In the evening, a gorgeous laser light display shone through the night sky and it was really impressive. We had ordered some hot chocolates and sipped them while admiring the lights reflect against the water's surface. The hot chocolate was also very delicious with the perfect blend of cocoa powder and warm, fluffy milk.

I'd fully recommend staying here if the opportunity arises.

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Best part of stay:
The View
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