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Amara Sanctuary Resort is located on Sentosa Island and it offers 4 dining options and 2 outdoor pools. It has a free shuttle which alights guests at Vivocity and picks up guests at Harbourfront.


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Lovely getaway

Well-spent staycation with the family and friends that came for my sister's 21st! It was the prettiest hotel I have ever been to! We decided to book the Larkhill Terrace Suites for infinity lap pool that was exclusive only to guests (less noise and interference) and the extra space it provided! (20-40sqm more than normal hotels) However, we felt that the space were pretty under-utilized as the outdoor area was so much bigger than the bedroom, making the bedroom really cramped with minimal walking space.

Another downside of this hotel would be the outdoor area’s daybed! We were unlucky that we checked in after it rained so the daybed was soaking wet with dried leaves around the area, the kind of wet when you press on it and a puddle of water would form. We requested for the staff to clean it, but the only thing they did was to sweep it all onto the floor… Bad move cause the floor became very dirty aftermath! Housekeeping could have been better for the price paid!

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Infinity Pool
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Car accident & damage unresolved

Just sharing a recent bad experience with Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

So here's the context: I handed my car over for valet parking at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa since the carpark was full but when I collected my car after the wedding dinner, the front bumper and headlamps of my car suffered damage due to the hotel shuttle bus's negligence. Yet Amara did not take responsibility or resolve the issue in any way, leaving me to sort it out on my own.

I wouldn't mind if you (Amara) took 4 days to reply my email with a proper explanation and a quick check on how things are with my car and the insurance but the fact that your response (attached image) was rude and irresponsible makes it really disappointing. Thank you for never once following up on the state of my car nor on the progress of the insurance settlement.

All I'm asking for is some basic service, responsibility and accountability for what clearly, without a doubt, is your fault. You can save your extreme patronisation and sarcasm for someone else - perhaps when you damage another car?

And for the record I did not specifically request for F&B vouchers nor cut short the conversation -- your duty manager had nothing left to say so was I supposed to listen to his breathing and hold on to the line and watch the world go by?

So Well Done, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Well Done. It's a real poor showing on your part and your lack of service never fails to amaze me. I must say I am appalled to find this place being classified as a 5-star hotel.

I can only hope that no one goes through the same plight as me.

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Do not step near this hotel.
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Stay away

Be a good boy/girl, stay away from this hotel.

This is one of the worst hotel i have ever been to and they have managed to provide me with surprises during my stay here.

After checking-in, I took my pants off to watch tv in the comfort of my own room. 20 minutes later, a man walked in and i was caught with my pants down, literally. I was eye raped and questioned as he was assigned the same room. It was a breach in security and an invasion of my privacy. What a great way to begin my experience here.

When wanting to unwind in the bathtub, i sat down and felt something at my bottom. To my horror, it was a little glass bit. speechless.

When wanting to make some coffee for myself, i reached for the teaspoon and felt a sticky spot. The bottom of the spoon still had residues of coffee from previous use. The cleanliness here is appalling.

In the morning, i wanted to order room service breakfast. I was on the phone for half an hour, each ring made me angrier and a hungry man is an angry man. In the end, no one picked up and i had no breakfast. It was 10am when i called by the way, and clearly they were all perhaps trimming the lush bush surrounding the hotel with scissors while my phone call rang away.

During check out, there was a line and the receptionist exclaimed "I wish i have more hands!"

Stay away, you hear me?

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Exciting Experience

It was my friend's birthday and she booked the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

There are two levels that customers can choose from. My friend took the ground level and the lap pool is just a door away, how awesome is that? There is also a bathtub and a tanning bed near the back door and further out would be a big bed. There is a television set available for self entertainment and there are 2 cupboards. One of them is a closet and another is where the coffee machine is kept. There are refreshments available in the cupboard as well.

I would love to book this Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa for my date and I because it is absolutely the ideal resort for a couple. Toilet doors cannot be locked and there is privacy and a romantic atmosphere in the air.

It is a must-go place for a couple!

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