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Departure Transit Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 2 60 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819643
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Mode Creation Munich (MCM) is a luxury label specializing in leather goods. 


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Hmm I am not sure when this whole "MCM" craze started, but I guess Kpop was a huge factor that promoted this Korean brand. It is getting popular and despite the high price tags, teens can be seen to be carrying bags from this brand in town. By looking at LV and Gucci's designs, we all know that monogram designs sell like hotcakes and it is not hard to see why this brand is so popular. Another feature of this brand is also its studded design which is also the rage and "trend" among teens nowadays. Honestly, before I knew it was a luxury brand, I thought that it was a $50-$60 bag that can be found everywhere. Pardon my ignorance! It really does not look expensive or luxurious to me and I have seen what I assume to be replicas around at Bugis Street and Far East Plaza.

I am not a fan of these bags as you can already tell by now. I am not into the MCM logo, the studs, the not-so-appealing-to-me orangey brown trademark color and since it is getting so common on the streets, I wouldn't spend so much on a bag. An overrated classic bag is different from an overrated trendy bag. In my opinion, MCM is classified as a "trendy" bag and not a classic one like Chanel flap bags.

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Good Service

I shopped at MCM at the departure transit lounge of Terminal 2 one fine morning at 7am. The lady was really friendly and has very good product knowledge. It was my first time buying something from this brand and i think i am attracted to it largely due to it being very popular with celebrities.

I was informed that everything sold in Singapore are from Europe, Germany and are not from Korea. Korea manufactures their own MCM items and they are a lot cheaper but of not so good quality. My friend's MCM backpack from Korea has zips that do not run smoothly.

Anyway, i was also informed that if you have something you really like and you do not wish to buy a ticket just to get inside the transit lounge, you can give MCM a call and make a purchase via phone. They will bring the item out and meet you at the area before custom. So nice yeah?

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Left wallets bleeding!

MCM bags are a total pack of amazingness. I noticed several Korean and American celebrities brandishing this bag pack making it all the more alluring. I am rather oblivious to what the MCM acronyms stand for though.

One day, I received a text from my friend announcing that there is a store at the Singapore airport. Unfortunately, it's located at some transit zone. I have to own a ticket that permits a flight elsewhere before I'd gain access to this store! I was appalled. The cash used to purchase this ticket will surely make those MCM bags a case of in-affordability! Hence, I compromised with my friend who was about to go on a trip overseas. We transferred the cash. We discussed the designs. She bought them. We owned them.

My MCM bag is a bag pack with paddings that would bring sheep rugs to shame. The exterior looks puny but the interior was surprisingly spacious with several split compartments. Oh, they sold handbags too! My friend purchased one. It is clad in leather with the words MCM multiply emblazoned across it's surface. The leather's condition didn't deteriorate even with the absence of a leather cream being lathered against it after several years. However, my own personal MCM bag seemed to have vanished mysteriously. I cast frequent suspicious glances at my sibling ever since

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The designs and quality
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Changi Airport Transit
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Style me up with MCM

I have attended Men's Fashion Week 2012, whereby MCM was the final featured brand for one of the nights. They have a great range of luxurious leather goods that had become increasingly popular in the recent years and I often spot celebrities from around the globe sporting their products.

Personally, I do not own any MCM products (I wish I did, really) but I have friends who do. They have nothing but praises for the brand and they can't get enough of MCM. Although the designs aren't all that feminine, their monogram embossed leather goods are still highly sort after by females. The cost of their products have steadily increased so if there are any interested parties out there, now is the time to buy!

For now, I will keep lusting over MCM's goodies till the day that I can afford to buy them.

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