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The sub-label of Giorgio Armani launched in 1991 is known for its ad provocative campaigns. It features a more street-chic, dance culture style design and can be considered the most accessible armani brand worldwide.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

A piece of Armani

My family has been devoted to Armani Exchange since I was young, so much so that we still purchase AX overseas. The statement t-shirts were always welcomed by my mother, but she has recently started to disapprove of the quality, claiming that they shrink after wash. Otherwise, she adores their denim line. Did you know that AX has XL sizes? Yes, fashion can be for the vertically challenged too!

Their sale periods are often met with much ferocity of shoppers as they make their way furiously towards the changing rooms and then the cashiers. Those bi-annual nightmares are horrible and best avoided. Brave through the crowds if you want to hunt for real deals (psst, more often than not, they are actually rather worth it).

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Affordable designer brand

Was in town last Saturday, looking for a belt replacement since my old one tore. Having shopped around half the day, looking at brands like Braun Buffel, Renoma, Picard and etc, I wondered aimlessly into Armani Exchange at Paragon.

To my surprise, the belts aren't exactly expensive. $140 each, with up to 20% / 30% discount then, depending on your selection. The service staff weren't exactly helpful though, perhaps that due to the mass crowd in the shop at that point of time (come on, its still isn't that cheap people). No one bothered to attend to me until I actually grabbed someone. To be fair, the male staff was helpful and offered valuable information like an additional 10% off if payment was to be made via UOB cards.

I had two selections then. The nicer belt buckle had PVC belt (it's not leather after feeling it with my limited knowledge and there's no genuine leather printed behind) whereas the other not-so-nice belt buckle comes with a softer genuine leather belt. Couldn't make up my mind on which and ended up not buying any since my gf left her wallet in the car and she's the one with a UOB card. Got myself a Guess one instead after leaving Armani Exchange at a much lower price but regretting now for the design and quality of the Armani Exchange one feels much better, so much that I might just give in to my temptation and purchase it this week.

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I come for their watches

I love Armani Exchange for 2 things - their belts and their watches.

I have a weakness for leather strap watches and AX fully exploits it. I remember excitedly collecting my pay at Sentosa then coming back to Vivo wandering aimlessly around looking for food first, and when my stomach was filled I proceeded to level up and look for clothes and there went my cheque.

AX had their watches on display and I fell in desperate love. The shop wasn't open then, it was barely 10am. I waited outside the shop for a good hour after calling my ex-boyfriend and demanding he come down and see my newest weeping desire,

We went in after and I lost my breath again at their belts while he swiftly headed to check out their suits. I ended up spending an undisclosed amount on my current AX watch and my belt, I had to top up on top of my pay but it was well worth it.

Come to AX for watches, you'll love them.

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Vivo City
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bad clothing quality

Honestly speaking, I do not have good impression of the AX’s products. My boyfriend bought a belt from there once and after wearing it for few months, the “leather” starts to tear. After a few more months later, the belt broke into 2! Considering that my boyfriend is quite a careful person, I chose to believe that it’s their poor quality at fault.

Next was their women t-shirt – those basic AX T-shirts with a big AX font on the chest area. When I came home, I realized that their words were not imprinted nicely on the t-shirt and had some of corners of the words coming off! This speaks volume of their quality, for the second time.

And the third time, I decided to give them one last chance. I saw an extremely gorgeous gold women watch with blings and decided to purchase it despite all the past incidents. To be fair, the watch was rather durable. It lasted for a good old 3 years! I wear it almost every single day without fail. I admit, I am an extremely rough person. For a watch to last this long on my arm, it’s a rare sight. 3 years later, 90% of the blings fell off and the minute hand was also broken.
All in all, AX wouldn’t be placed on the top of my mind whenever I think of shopping. But do check out their watch range. They are quite affordable and yet very chic looking.

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As one would recognise the famous/infamous A|X belt or shirt that many people wear around.Personally I am not quite a fan of flashing brands as they are, and the sight of someone displaying the A|X label so blatantly just makes it seem like a walking advertisement for the brand itself. It has, though, without a doubt become quite fashion-ish to wear such a belt or shirt.

The price range of the apparel at the store is not the most affordable for the middle class citizen wanting to indulge in some luxury products. In my opinion, saving a few more bucks to purchase the larger luxury brand might be a better idea because they tend to be more classic and hence lasts longer. Armani Exchange caters to a younger crowd with its loud designs, usually filled with studs, or looking very acid-washed denim. It gives the impression of a somewhat punk-rock, but with a wee bit more sophistication. The items are of very good quality though, as they are after-all a branch of the armani chain and very well established.

The sales at Armani Exchange do see the prices of their things dropping by a huge discount. Those who have been wanting that A|X jeans probably should be able to find it and it would be more affordable after the discount. Not to say that it also does come with a huge A|X on the pockets.

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Lowest end of Designer Fashion, but I'm not judging... really

So you've decided that you're brand conscious. But hey, you don't have much cash to spare. The solution? Armani Exchange. Created for the young (eg. less financially endowed), AX boasts a range of designer clothing that would no doubt effectively make make you someone worth paying some attention to. Of course you'll have to pay for that attention; a logo tee will cost around $80 or higher while a simple belt ranges at $120. Shirts can range from $120 upwards. (remember, most of their stuff is made in China... so accept the fact that you're really paying for the label and deal with it)

Quality wise, the label does perform well. So far the products I have bought from there have not shown any signs of poor workmanship and I find their cutting and designs rather trendy and fashionable. I have also always found its boutiques a decent place to shop, with its wonderful interior and friendly staff.

However, you can ignore everything I've written if you promise that you'll abide by this one rule. Never, I repeat, never wear/buy anything from AX if you have reached the end of your twenties. Never step into that shop if you are going somewhere in your career and you want people to take you seriously. I have seen uncles wearing AX T-shirts and it really is laughable. It's not just about the cut and the design, but also the culture of the label; the style that the brand is trying to portray.

Other than that, do pay the place a visit sometime. Having an item or two from there will surely ensure that you remain in the loop when it comes to fashion. Just remember like the milk in your fridge, it has an expiry date.

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