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#03-42, Jurong Point 2 1 Jurong West Central 2 Singapore 648886
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Listing created by kuchiki on March 03, 2013    

AmaSoy was inspired by its founder's fondest childhood memories with her grandmother, which includes the times when she savoured a bowl of tau huey while listening to her grandmother's life stories. AmaSoy hopes to let others relive such nostalgic times by serving the local soy dessert the way it traditionally is, but also offers tantalizing reinterpretations of the dessert in the form of new flavours and toppings.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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< $10
List of Outlets:
1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point 2, #03-42/47,
Singapore 648886

JURONG POINT 2 #03-42/47
Jurong West, Singapore 648886


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Amazing matcha soft serve you have to try!

All fans of green tea/matcha have to pay them a visit lest you regret it. For $2.50 a pop for their matcha soft serve in a sundae or $2.30 for a cone, at a kiosk in Orchard Ion, this amazing creation is worth every cent and every calorie. I liked it so much I finished the entire sundae and was contemplating to buy another.

Made with premium matcha powder, your taste buds would thank you for the treat. This milky ice-cream's silky smooth and it ain't too sweet so that's two thumbs up from me. AmaSoy doesn't skimp on the matcha, so have fun licking off this sweet treat with a slightly bitter matcha aftertaste.

The Filipino staff aren't friendly, so don't expect smiles and chirpy greetings when you're there to get your matcha fix. Anyhow, I read some rave reviews on their puddings too so I'll definitely be back for more!

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Matcha soft serve
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Refreshing take on Soymilks

I am always in the search for the best soy milk and on a constant lookout for shops specialising in soy. My face brightened when I saw AmaSoy. The shop had a unique look that made it stand out from the popular soy-selling shops (Jollibean, Mr. Bean). I had high expectations for the soymilk it sells.

Sadly, it failed to meet my expectations. The soymilk was priced premiumly at $2 and didn't taste at all premium. I do have to give it points for originality though, the soymilk had a one-of-a-kind taste that was sadly too milky for my liking.

But I would still recommend Amasoy to my friends. Its refreshing take on soymilks is worth a try and will definitely appeal to some.

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Yet another Soy Pudding...

Yet another soy pudding...
Quite frankly I will rather take the traditional soy bean curd anytime, but if you are comparing soy pudding to soy pudding, Amasoy's quality is actually in the upper tier of the lot..
I do like that their pudding is smooth and not too sweet, so much so that you can pretty drink it without worry. The texture is smoother and silkier than the rest of the pudding - so this may (or may not) suit your fancy - as it's rather subjective depending on whether you like to "feel" the soy pudding.
For detractors who say that all soy pudding taste the same, and I used to think that too, I've changed my mind as there is basically some difference in the taste and texture of the pudding.
There is a promotion going on (at the nex branch) - you can get 3 for 2, so which makes it a "value" deal, so to speak - although with the number of soy pudding outlets these days, it looks like one of the outlets are having a promotion one day or another.
As far as soy puddings go, I would say you should give Amasoy at least a try. But otherwise, if you are into traditional soya bean curd like me, just follow the yellow bean trail...

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