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Vivo City/#01-93 1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore 098585
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Listing created by bojio! on August 10, 2012    

Since Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert Group established its first shop in Sai Kung District of Hong Kong in 1995, it has developed into renowned dessert chain stores. It opened its first outlet in Vivo City and has since established its brand name in the local dessert field. Some of their signature dishes include Mango Pomelo & Sago Sweet Soup with Ice-cream, and Walnut Soup & Almond Tea.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
Vivo City, Bugis Junction, 313 @Somerset, Paragon


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The Honeymoon Period

I've tried Honeymoon Dessert in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Despite the extensive menu in all three countries, I always end up ordering the same thing: number six, which is a base of crushed ice with vanilla cream sauce and ice cream (either matcha - green tea - or vanilla), with some intriguing-looking gooey pods called "basil seeds". I totally suspect this is a euphemism for an exotic Asian ingredient of froggy origin (like hashima). I honestly would rather not know. They look like unhatched tadpoles.

I've also tried the tang yuan in ginger broth. Lacklustre.

And I've tried the mango roll thing. Not bad, but not as good as Ji De Chi's.

I am one of those people who detest durian, so that rules out an entire page on the menu.

I am not very adventurous when it comes to awkward mixes of traditional desserts: the black sesame mixed with soya bean curd and chin chow jelly with red bean springs to mind. My friend insists that is a recipe for diarrhoea. I really do not want to find out.

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Best Part:
Dessert Number Zero Six
Branch Location:
313 Somerset
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Expensive but extensive menu

I've tried Honeymoon Dessert in several places but to be honest, none of them actually stands out to me. I like how the store offers an extensive menu; one will be spoilt for choice while trying to decide what to eat.

My favourite dessert (and probably a lot of others' too) is the mango pomelo sago dessert. It's considered the signature dish of the place, and is indeed one of the better desserts. The mango and durian series are worth trying out, whereas the others are meh, so not worth trying.

Even though some of the desserts are nice, I find the price of the desserts a tad too expensive. Not very worth it.

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Just alright

Nothing much to shout about or complain about Honeymoon dessert. It is a good pitstop if you are tired from shopping at the mall or you just want to sit down and chat with your friend and are sick of the usual coffee joint. I definitely would not crave for it neither would I purposefully make a trip down just to have a bowl of their dessert.

The price is average for desserts although the price reflected in the menu is not the net price. You will be spoilt for choice though as their menu is pretty extensive, offering more than just the usual mango pomelo sago.

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Hell, it's expensive

When on earth did all these dessert outlets suddenly sprout out from? And garnering quite long queues at that. I couldn't fathom and so one day I had to try it. What I know is that their mango items are recommended (just look at the orange/yellow outlook) and so I shared their mango crushed ice or something with a friend. It was a freaking 6 bucks for some bits of mango, syrup and balls. gosh.

It was definitely better than the ones you get at the usual kopitiam/hawker stalls but one bowl here could get you 3 bowls at the other places. Give me those anytime. Their concept reminds me of a popular dessert store in HK called Hui Lao Shan, which serves up a variation of desserts and crushed ice, with mango as their star dish.

Wouldn't come back again though. No big deal in my honest opinion.

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Going back to Ji De Chi!

I am disgusting lousy at trying new foods.

So I ended up ordering here what I order at every other dessert place: Mango pomelo saga.

I give them credit - it wasn't that bad. It was a far cry from the best I've eaten (a place along bugis) but it was nice. It provided something for my hands to do and something for my tongue to slowly savour as my friend went on about his boring day.

It's a nice place to have a conversation. The decor doesn't take you to the heart of Taiwan, but it brings you close. And for everything else, their beancurd is pretty good so you could try that - no restaurant can mess up beancurd.

I won't be coming back for you (this place) one day though.

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Best Part:
Mango pomelo
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It's alright, I guess...

I used to visit the place if I were feeling hungry enough for food, but not hungry enough for a full meal. Oh, and if I wasn't feeling like Soup Kitchen.

Anyways. I'd recommend this place for anyone who doesn't like desserts that are too sweet, like myself - it's less sweet as compared to desserts I've tried elsewhere.

Their desserts are mediocre at best (I feel) - even when I was feeling adventurous enough to try something that sounded different, I haven't been particularly surprised. Though to be fair, I haven't tried their double boiled milk which I've seen some people raving about. I don't believe there's anything outstanding enough to boast about, but if I wanted to enjoy a hot bowl of sesame paste on a cold, rainy day, this is where I'd head for.

And yes, I think some of their desserts are a tad overpriced.

Oh and one complaint - the tables are way too small. Very limited space to navigate around and not much space to put the extra shopping bags you may bring into the shop with you.

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(Updated: June 11, 2013)

double boiled milk!

I feel Honeymoon Desserts is one of these places where your experience depends so much on what you order. Because they have such an extensive menu, some of their desserts can be really mediocre while others will easily justify the long queues you see.

If you want to know what heaven in your mouth feels like, get the chilled double boiled milk. It taste nothing like milk and unlike any dessert I've tasted before. I would put it as my top 5 favourite desserts in Singapore along with Ah Chew's Mango sago and Hyatt's ginkgo nut paste

Oh i've tried the mango sago here and it was disappointedly average. So were the other items on the menu we gave a shot. So forgettable were they I can't even remember their names. There is only one reason why I come here anyway. The double boiled milk. Try it!

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Best Part:
double boiled milk!
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Desserts and recipes exchange!

My friends and I decided to give this chinese dessert restaurant a try. I had papaya lotus, whiles my friends tried the walnut paste and peanut, mango with red beans, mixed fruits desserts and red bean with mochi and green ice cream. They informed us that the walnut paste will take 15 minutes to arrive. Whiles waiting, as pastry students, we were exchanging recipes and discussing about desserts.

By the time the walnut paste soup came, most of us had almost finished our dessert as it took almost 20 minutes to arrive. When it finally came, we had high expectations for it as the saying goes 'Save the best for the last'. However, the paste was not thick enough. It was more of a runny soup. My papaya with white fungus was on the sweeter side and the payayas were pretty huge so i had to unglamorously bite them as the skin was slightly thick.

When leaving the woman called us back as she thought we paid the wrong sum of money but after a minute she was like 'oh, it correct' and then turned back to the cash register. I didn't expect an apology but i would have given the service a higher rating if she did so.

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No honeymoon for me

This place has a great ambience but the desserts, not so great.

Maybe i had Ah chew's yan zhi gan lu in my head or Hui Lau San's HK version in my mouth, when i tried Honeymoon Dessert, it was terrible!

Never compare and never have expectations to prevent disappointment. This place disappointed me only once and i will never return, unless a friend force me to go or unless they have no queue and i am dying for some mango.

My review is however a little unfair as i have never tried other things on their menu. Then again, Yang zhi gan lu is supposed to be any HK dessert shop's signature so i am not at all apologetic about the 1.5 score.


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Same same but different

Often walking by Honeymoon dessert in vivocity, I was dying to try it. I finally got a chance to try it one evening. The catch was that I only had 15 minutes to eat. So I didn't really have time to really look through the menu or enjoy my dessert. It was mostly all the typical hongkong desserts anyway, nothing really special that caught my eye.

In the end I ate some mango dessert with matcha ice cream. The matcha ice cream was good! The green tea taste was strong but not bitter. It didn't go well with the mango though. The portion looked small, but it was really filling. Looks are really deceiving.

The prices are way too expensive though. They mostly range from $3 ( traditional hot desserts like almond tea and sesame paste) to $10. I wouldn't pay $8.50 for a bowl of mixed fruits with ice and milk. It is just a rip off. Not saying that all their desserts are too expensive. Some are reasonable. I saw a dessert that cost $25 though, that is definitely too much to pay for a dessert.

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(Updated: January 29, 2013)

Utterly spoilt for choice

Typical Hong Kong dessert stalls never fail to leave its guest spoilt for choice. Honeymoon dessert is no different. With some 4 or 5 pages full of tantalizing desserts displayed in its menu, I always find myself taking much longer than necessary to decide on my perfect sweet treat.

One of my favorite dishes though is the classic Mango Sago. On more occasions than one, the mango puree was refreshing, sweet and full of flavor. It was nothing like some of the inferior syrupy versions that I had in certain chinese restaurants.

My one and only complaint is that I find some of their desserts a tad too sweet. For the health conscious, this probably isn't the kind of place to go on a daily basis. But that aside, there is little not to love about honeymoon dessert. I just wished that it isn’t so hard to get a table at their stores.

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