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#B1-46 23 Serangoon Central Nex Singapore 556083
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Listing created by TammyC on August 02, 2012    

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert offers a tempting range of delectable desserts such as Mango Pomelo Sago, Osmanthus Jelly, Lemongrass Jelly with Strawberry and Aloe Vera, which are some of their signature items. They also offer a selection of Hong Kong noodles and snacks, such as Wanton Noodle, Char Siew Cheong Fun, Carrot Cake, just to name a few.

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Opening Hours:
11am - 10.30pm
Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1

2 Jurong East St. 21

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road

Bedok Point
799 New Upper Changi Road

Clementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West

Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Central Park 1

Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square

Changi Airport T3 Transit
65 Airport Boulevard
#02-K3, Terminal 3


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Surprisingly good liu sha baos

Although the name of the restaurant features the word “dessert”, the stars of the show aren’t their desserts but their main meals.

My usual orders are their HK Zha Jiang Hor Fun and Yolky Custard Pau. Their hor fun is flat, thin, and smooth; and their meat sauce was adequately savory without being too salty. Their liu sha baos come in a basket of 2 innocuous-looking buns that will surprise you with their taste. The warm salted egg yolk custard oozes out upon the first bite, tearing through the soft pau and mingling joyously with your tastebuds.

They also usually have a promotion that allows you to add a dessert and side for a small fee of $1.90. That’s a terrific deal, if you ask me!

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Good Noodles Made Great With A Dab of Homemade Chilli

As you would expect from the name, Hong Kong Sheng Kee serves up some decent traditional HK desserts but the star of the show for me would no doubt be the noodle dishes.

Springy noodles cooked just right, some stalks of Chinese veg and your choice of meat. Nothing too special, yet! But a add a dab of their special homemade chilli sauce, and your tastebuds will be taken on a trip. Seriously, it's so fragrant and flavour-packed. Even if you're not a huge fan of chilli or you can't take spice, I highly recommend trying it at least once in your life. Hey, the flames in your mouth are well worth it.

I recently tried their new promo dish featuring scallops, abalone and special mushrooms which I have since forgotten the name of. Doesn't matter, because everything was DELICIOUS.

Seriously considering getting myself a bottle of their chilli (yes, they are available for sale) to just douse on any and all food I eat at home.

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Homemade chilli
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Worse than what you expect

An additional bowl of dessert and snack for just S$1.50 on top of the main course, most will definitely be tempted by this promotion. I would usually order their noodles with minced meat. It is slightly spicy and the noodles go well with the sauce of the minced meat.

The sides are usually carrot or yam cake. The first time I order the carrot cake, the amount of oil in it took me back by surprise. There was oil on the plate and the carrot cake looked oily as well so I decided to use a serviette to absorb the extra oil. Though it is known that most food places reuse their oil, the oil absorbed came out yellow and it did not look appetizing at all.

Next would be their dessert, the more popular choices would be the Mango Sago. Though I feel that it is too watery and not creamy like what I expected. The black and white sesame I tried was rather bland and could do with slightly more sugar. My past few experiences with the side dishes and desserts were not too pleasant, especially with the stuffy atmosphere. Once, twice and thrice, guess that is enough.

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Terrible Dessert for a high Price

I was craving some dessert the very day that I came across this shop. The pictures that were placed on their lit up board started to tempt me - I mean how could I resist the mango sago just staring at me with that cool ice and that milky yellow goodness? I could almost feel the icy cool juice on my tongue, quenching my thirst and my cravings.

I decided to sit down and order the thing from the menu that had attracted me. My aunt decided to treat me and my sister to the desserts we ordered - which made me feel bad because the price is a little on the high side for desserts. Nevertheless, I decided that I would thoroughly enjoy the dessert to appreciate my aunt's gesture of goodwill. However, I was severely disappointed with the quality and standard of the mango sago. It was hardly natural tasting - all I tasted was some mango juice with a whole lot of sugar. Instead of the dessert being creamy, it was watery. I will not be going back anytime soon - or anymore, rather.

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Wa Damn Ex

The dessert is good. But it's price is not good. Tried their sesame paste at the Raffles City outlet. The paste was thick, rich and authentic. An especially promising point was that it wasn't overly sweet nor cloying, which allowed me to easily polish off the whole bowl without feeling too full.

The outlet at Raffles City is a tad too crowded for me though. It's hard to carry a proper conversation without feeling the mad urge to leave the place. Felt as though the staff there were in a hurry for us to leave too! We had barely finished our dessert before they started clearing our bowls.

Overall, I feel that you can definitely get dessert of equivalent quality somewhere else for a much cheaper price. Mei Heong Yuan dessert is one such alternative that I recommend!

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Not for the ravenous

I recommend trying their desserts, as they have one of the most authentic Hong Kong style dessert. While prices may not seem worth it at first glance, they always have great offers, such as 3 desserts for the price of 2. Personally, I had a serving of mango pudding, and while I have to say while it was not anything remarkable, it did live up to its name of a Hong Kong dessert.

I also ordered a plate of Wanton Noodles, but its quantity was below average, and its quality was equal to that of a Singapore hawker centre. Thus, this is not the place to go for someone looking to have a full meal.

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Not worth it

For the record, I never would have "experiences" this restaurant if not for my friends who dragged me here. So anyway, we ordered meals that were about 6.90, which, when added to drinks and other charges, went up to 10. So, was it worth the 10? Hardly.

The pork cutlet rice which I tried was nothing special, even though it was labelled "gold dusted". The portion was small, and they were stingy with the meat. Neither did it taste anything close to nice. Whatever.

I would not even try the deserts, simply because of the price. Also, the drinks were not tasty, and they didn't have the sugar my friend asked for, so I will ding them for that.

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Branch Location:
Clementi Mall
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It was that random afternoon when I started having the usual Avocado craves and came across what I thought was a god-send. Apparently, it was not.

I admire Sheng kee for their array of mains, dessert and beverage choices though. It took me a long while to finally pick something I'd like to try which is their Avocado paste + Vanilla ice cream. Imagine that anticipation building up.

Then I got served some really liquid green stuff with a small dollop of ice cream. Took my first taste and immediately got irked. It was just sugar syrup, the whole of it. The equation: sweet "paste" + sweet Vanilla ice-cream = sugar overload. I could barely even taste any Avocado!

The dessert costed me close to $5. Yes for just sugar syrup.

My date ordered a HK Iced Milk Tea and they served him what tasted like milo and claimed it was their signature tea. Okay. *hands up*

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An overpriced mediocre meal

I chanced upon this little eatery at Tampines One when it first opened. I thought that I had made a mistake the instant I ordered their dumpling noodles since they obviously specialise in Hong Kong desserts. Their dumpling (wonton) noodles was mediocre, nothing too special. I wouldn't pay $6-$7 for that.

I took a bite of the carrot cake dessert my friend had ordered - couldn't taste the radish (the carrot in the carrot cake) at all. My disappointed Hong Kong friend said that you could taste the radish bits in an authentic Hong Kong carrot cake dessert. Without the radish bits, aren't you just paying for steamed rice cake?

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Branch Location:
Tampines One
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Hong Kong pricing

For those of you that had been to Hong Kong, you would know that the food prices were relatively higher there. That was because the salary there was also relatively higher. I was not sure whether the shop owner was from Hong Kong but the pricing indicated that it followed Hong Kong pricing.

When I first entered the shop, I was thinking of having a full meal but after looking at the prices, I changed to just having desserts. Hong Kong desserts were supposed to be very nice but the ginger steamed milk, a traditional Hong Kong desserts was not as I expected. I vaguely remembered the taste I had when I was in Hong Kong and this was nowhere near what I remembered.

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