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B for Beancurd The traditional beancurd pudding, with a twist! Always a healtheir choice for anytime of the day, it's rich in protein and calcium for your healthy lifestyle!

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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

Melts in your mouth goodness.

I have never been a fan of beancurds, especially those traditional watery beancurds which most people adore. Even if we drove all the way down to Rochor just for the beancurd, I'd politely reject and simply sip on the iced soya bean milk. Don't ask me why, its soft and jiggly texture just does not appeal to me. It was not until very recently before I gave B for Beancurds a try, following the huge hoo-ha regarding the beancurds in Singapore. My friend had ordered a bunch of them for her 21st birthday and urged me to give it a try, so I did.

Surprisingly, the beancurd actually tasted heavenly. It was nothing like those beancurds you get from the normal stalls at your usual hawker centres. These beancurds have a certain form to it. Not too watery, more bouncy and rich and thick, like a pudding instead! Even though I didn't think much of it with the first mouthful, I found myself scooping spoonful after spoonful until I finished the whole bowl! Too bad it was so good though, I wanted to give the other flavors a try but they were already all snapped up by the others. The one I tried was the original flavor, but I saw that there were quite a variety of flavors, like durian, mint, chocolate and strawberry.

Nowadays, I keep finding myself craving for some of these pudding beancurds, despite my strong refute for them in the past. Amazing what a good beancurd can do to you!

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Worth trying

I can't say to be an experienced taster in the topic of beancurds. Honestly, it takes quite a bit of attention, especially to small details, to discern the uniqueness and good/bad points of each type of beancurd. A pertinant question to take note of is that in this day and age, how often do you still see chilled beancurd? Literally everywhere.

In my opinion, B for Beancurd is worth going back for, out of the flummox of stalls selling chilled beancurd, is for its taste, texture and interesting variety. I liked B for beancurd for its ability to produce chocolate beancurd, a flavour that seems to elude most chilled beancurd stalls i visit. Whilst the flavour was not as rich and as chocolatey as I expected it to be (in comparison to chocolate soymilk sold by Vitasoy in this case), it was a satisfying aftermath to a full meal.

Moreover, there is no pretense from this stall. You can literally taste the naturalness of the flavour in the beancurd. I find that this beancurd is indeed, worth its weight in the Singapore $2 note I paid for it (ok, i did get change for it back, just making a point here). Moreover, you can discern that effort has been put in to make the flavouring as organic as possible. In fact, I suspected that in some way or another, Milo was used for flavouring? Or maybe they grounded their own cocoa?

Worth going back for!

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I love the tau huey here. I am a purist when it comes to taste so I usually go for the plain tau huey mixed with the milk. The texture is silky smooth, with no noticeable taste of gypsum. It almost melts in your mouth.

It is made fresh everyday onsite and you get served by honest, friendly people. For that reason alone, I don't mind a little premium, I get tau huey, a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Could I ask for more?

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Many flavors!

I adore soya milk. Sweet and grainy, it's probably one of my favourite drinks all time round. What drew me to B for Beancurd was the sign. It's very simple and doesn't rely on elaborate designs. That's what I like about the stall.

Bean curd= Delicious
Pudding= Yummy
Together= Paradise.

Need I say more?

Okay, maybe a little bit more.

They have a lot of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, yam, almond, peanut, green tea and blueberry. The chilled bean curd had a nice and smooth texture feel to it, which was mouth-watering. The stall uses 100% organic soya bean curd, which is just fantastic. I'm not a fan of almond, so I have no idea what it tastes like. For the chocolate flavor, I suspect that it's Milo. Check that. I'm sure it's Milo. The rest were decent enough, but I still prefer the original one. After all, as quoted by Lester Young,
“Originality's the thing. You can have tone and technique and a lot of other things but without originality you ain't really nowhere. Gotta be original.”

The service was great as well. The staff were really friendly. They were making small chit-chats with customers.

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