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Ikoma Language School was setup in May 1996 with the distinct aim of teaching languages like Japanese, Mandarin, English, etc to people from all walks of life. Their mission is to make the study of language enjoyable and available to everyone. 


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Quality Japanese language lessons

All the Japanese language teachers there are natives of Japan. They all teach according to some schedule, I believe, so that, at any level (basic, intermediate, advanced, etc.), no one class taught by one teacher is faster or slower than another class taught by another teacher. What I mean is, for example, Lesson 3 of Basic Term II taught by Teacher A or Teacher B is the same. So this means that you can attend any other class for that same lesson if for whatever reason you cannot attend your own designated class, provided of course there are vacancies for the other classes. And this, in turn, means that, learning-wise, no one class is disadvantaged. So you can be assured of the quality of the teaching, whichever class you're in.

Lessons cost a lot more at IKOMA than in community centres but I say it is worth the money if you *genuinely* want to learn how to speak the language. And if you would prefer learning under some young (and pretty) Japanese lady than some old fart, that's another reason to learn Japanese at IKOMA than at your neighbourhood community centre. As far as I know, there are no old farts teaching at IKOMA and all the teachers are young, friendly ladies who try to get to know their students a bit better as the classes go by. Some teachers bond quickly with their students. But, of course, all of that depends on your classmates and the teacher herself.

I've not complaints about the teaching except that some lessons, I find, are really slow. But this is good for everyone, especially those lagging behind the syllabus, because it gives you the opportunity to either catch up on previous material or reinforce your understanding of them.

As for whether lessons are affordable, it's hard to say. At the Basic level, if you're taking classes once every week, if you do the relevant calculations, it's less than 10 an hour. But you pay about 300 every term, which consists of 10 3-hour lessons. It seems quite affordable, but some like myself who don't earn much find this quite draining, financially speaking.

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