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Elisabeth Ng
Listing created by Elisabeth Ng on January 17, 2016    

Yoogane serves galbi, a popular Korean dish that is made with marinated meat in a ganjang-based sauce. Customers can choose from seafood or chicken galbi. 

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Opening Hours:
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
List of Outlets:
1) 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #02-47/48

2) 3 Gateway Drive, #03-08 Westgate, 608532


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Excellent Dakgalbi

Yoogane serves the best chicken galbi in Singapore. Perhaps I’m saying this because it’s the only galbi restaurant I know of in Singapore, but nevertheless it’s mouth-wateringly delicious and that’s all that counts.

They offer three types of tteokbokki at Yoogane - plain, cheese and sweet potato. Although the plain and sweet potato tteokbokki are good too, the cheese tteokbokki is on a whole other level. I never knew cheese, rice cake and galbi sauce could be such a heavenly combination.

Besides the food, the whole experience at Yoogane is always very fun, as customers get to wear cute red bibs and experience being babies once again. You also get to preside over the entire cooking experience (don’t worry, you won’t risk getting your hands dirty as the staff there will be doing all the cooking) which ups the novelty factor.

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