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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Sarang, or Love in Korean, delivers an authentic gastronomical experience that is enhanced with current, mainstream Korean pop music and Urban Culture in a vibrant setting. Sitting on the 7th floor of Orchard Central, the view of Singapore's downtown cityscape completes a memorable dining experience.

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(Updated: February 05, 2013)

Under expectations

Due to recommendations from friends, a group of us headed to Sarang for dinner. The location is a plus, considering the fact that Orchard Central is easily accessible as compared to most of the Korean dining restaurants in the CBD area. The al fresco dining area is full of ambiance and provides a bird eye’s view.

Perhaps of my high expectations, Sarang did not deliver in my opinion. The pancakes contained more vegetables instead of seafood and bacon, and the jajangmyeon was not to my liking in the least bit. What saved the meal were the bulgogi beef and spicy chicken dishes, but for their price tags I felt like I deserved something better. I wouldn’t visit Sarang again.

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memorable dining

Sarang, the heartbeat of seoul is a famous Korean restaurant at Orchard. Sarang in Korean actually means love which I feel that the chef is actually showing their love for food.

This restaurant good point was that there are two part of it, the inner and the outer portion where the customers can choose where they want to sit. The outer portion of the restaurant includes bar table where customers can order their drinks easily and it is also quite windy. I chose the outside portions as I can get to enjoy the beautiful night scenery while eating the delicious food served and chatting with friends. It helps to create a memorable dining experience for me. There is also kpop music playing in the background making the ambience of the restaurant livelier.

As a student, I felt that this dinner was well worth as the cost of the food is affordable at the range of $10 to $30. Furthermore all the food has a unique name like shooting star, dragonball and godmother and many more. Isn’t it interesting? After hearing all these unique name it always makes me have the urge to order them and to try it. I ordered the shooting star and ddeokboki. It was delicious and the portion was just nice to fill up mine hungry stomach.

The service provided by the service crews was great. They were friendly and when I need help, I do not need to wait very long for one service crew to come and serve me. I will definitely go back to tried out other delicious food.

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Decent food in a unique environment

It was a quiet weekday evening when a friend and I headed into the even quieter Orchard Central building for an early dinner. We were surprised to find, contrary to our impressions of Orchard Central, a good number of restaurants open with a wide mix of cuisines on offer.

We decided on Sarang, a Korean restaurant located right at the top with a “patio” bar section with floor-length windows overlooking town. After a cheery (but somewhat inappropriate?) chorus of 'Sarang hamnida!' or 'I love you!' in Korean, the waiters took us into the darkly furnished interior. We had really good white-wine pork belly slices and passable Japchae and spicy squid. For dessert, the hotteok pancakes and Yuzu rice wine cocktail are highly recommended.

The bill was slightly pricey, but no higher than the usual for local Korean food. The projector screen playing Kpop videos is a nice touch, and I would love to go back for the bar when the construction works in town are done.

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great food but could do with more variety

I went to sarang quite some time ago with a group of friends. The ambience at sarang is amazing. If you're sitting outdoors, there's a great night view of town and it's cool and windy. If you're sitting indoors, the decor is intricate with a strong korean flair and the setting is intimate. My friends and i had a table indoors when we went and i remember it being quite cramped but we didn't mind as it was nice and cosy.

The prices here are quite steep and the portions are quite small. Expect to spend at the very least $20 per person if you want to fill your tummy. I can't recall what exactly we ordered but i had one of the more popular and common mains on the menu. Think it was called shooting star (it was actually just chicken on a hot plate). rice or noodles have to be bought separately

since I'm not a huge fan of korean food, i have to admit i don't really recognize a lot of things on the menu and this further limited the already limited items on the menu for me to choose from. but no complains from me about the food. i thought what i ordered was really delicious. and my friends enjoyed what they had too. my friend who's really into korean food and had made a couple of trips to korea said she found the food here authentic and it's one of her favorite korean restaurants in Singapore.

service was prompt and staff were friendly. I would definitely go back again. When we left they gave us quite a few vouchers for our next visit (but i'm not sure if they still practice this now).

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