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11 Mosque Street Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 19, 2012    

Located at 11 Mosque Street, Singapore, Togi Korean restaurant serves cheap yet delicious Korean dishes. The place is family friendly too, most of the dishes in the menu are good for the family. 

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Great Quality Korean Food At Somerset!

With an additional outlet at TripleOne Somerset, Togi promises great Korean food, convenient location and a lovely ambience (take the outdoor seating in the evenings and you are in for a lovely surprise with the lovely lighting!)

Yes, service may be a little slow and I've waiting at least 10 minutes or longer just to get my bill but the food makes up for it!

Foods that I recommend:
1. Janchi Kuk Su (잔치국수): For something light but filling. Basically something like mee sua and perfect for that rainy day!
2. Tofu Soup (순두부찌개): Also great for a rainy day but a spicier and more oily recommendation. The seafood makes the soup very flavourful and is perfectly complimented with rice!
3. Dak Galbi/Stir-fried Chicken (닭갈비): Recommend this portion for 2! The marinated chicken is highly recommended for those looking for a flavourful and not spicy version of this dish as opposed to many other Korean restaurants in Singapore.
4. Rappoki (라볶이): A combination of instant noodle (ramyeon) and rice cake (rappoki). This is a typical dish found in small Korean restaurants in Seoul but I haven't seen many places offer this simple item in Singapore. Usually a little sweeter than what you will find in Seoul, but the generous fish cake and quite original taste makes this a must try,

Foods I think you can find better in other Korean restaurants:
1. Kimchi Jeon/Kimchi Pancake (김치전): Too much flour and an uninspiring dipping sauce, you are really better off trying the one at 2day1night in Tanjong Pagar.
2. Bibimbap (비빔밥): Pretty much a staple of any korean restaurant in Singapore, I believe that could have made the standard very high. And although you may be able to customise how much chill(bibim) sauce to your liking, the entire dish is pretty ordinary and not any better that what you can find in food courts.

Hope this helps and that you enjoy the place as much as I do!

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Best korean hot pot!

I have nothing bad to say about this place. People were nice food was good! I am easily satisfied. The only bad thing was the BBQ meat taking more than 45 minutes to be served to us. But that was quickly forgotten when we got to taste how delicious it was.

One of my favourite Korean restaurants in Singapore.

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Budae jjigae all day every day!!

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience Samantha! I've never been to Togi on a weekend but for what my opinions are worth, they have the most delicious buddae jjigae! Fine I guess it's not exactly tough to make an army stew but at Togi it comes filled with all the magical stuff! Spam especially, meat, rice cakes, beans, kimchi, tofu, vegetables, and ramyeon!! The kimchi pancake was exceptional as well.

This is a popular place and naturally comes with an allegiance of loyal foodies. Therefore expect to wait for your turn but seriously it isn't so bad. I've never waited for more than 20 minutes for all of the times I've been here for dinner (although they all fell on weekdays).

Service can get really slow and only a select few ever smiles at you. I don't care much for these though, as long as they keep my little Korean side plates filled with kimchi and other tiny side snacks, I'm not complaining!

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(Updated: May 20, 2014)

Disappointing Experience When Crowded

I have been to Togi restaurant a couple of times and each visit was pleasant until I went there for dinner last Sunday. Heading to the restaurant on a Sunday without a reservation was a bad choice - my friend and I ended up waiting for about 40 minutes. However, that was obviously not the business' fault. They offered outdoor seating but it just stopped raining so it was extra humid and you will be surrounded by people barbecuing meat. So I chose to wait for a table for two inside.

Firstly, I ordered a bowl of soondubu chigae (soft tofu stew) and requested for no squid and to top up with other ingredients. My order came quite quickly but the stew was 'clear' and barely spicy. It was also just slightly warmer than room temperature (might have been left out for a while before being served) and I found squid in the stew. I hadd ordered this before and I'm certain that their soondubu chigae did not taste like that. Unsure if they misunderstood 'no squid' as 'no spicy', I called for the waitress to bring my stew back to the kitchen. To my delight, the Korean manager saw me speaking to the waitress about the stew and approached my table. Later, he personally brought the stew back to the kitchen. After 5 minutes, I got my soondubu chigae filled with more squid than ever, missing some ingredients but at least it was boiling hot.

Secondly, I waited around for a bowl of rice, which usually comes with every personal bowl of stew that didn't contain noodles. I called two different waiters for the bowl of rice and they both gave me a look when I asked "doesn't the stew come with rice?" Both confidently answered no and that there was an additional charge. That really annoyed me because it was the first time I've heard of that rule. Also, I was never charged for a bowl of rice when I had the same order previously. When I went to the cashier to settle the bill, I was NOT charged for the rice. I don't mind if I was/was not billed for the rice, but please be consistent about it.

It was a disappointing visit. The stew was sloppily made and my special order was wrong. The restaurant was clearly short-staffed and it seemed that they don't deal well with big crowds. Still, I'll visit Togi in the future because I like their food, prices and their Korean manager, but I won't make the mistake of going on the weekends again.

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Affordable, good quality Korean food
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Triple One Somerset
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