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Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

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18 Dempsey Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 19, 2012    

At Chang, they strive to provide you with large menu of choices, where their specially designed menu includes both organic and vegetarian food for the health conscious.

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Can I have more kimchi?

The redolent aromas of smoke and meat being barbequed wafts through the air here, and it is a smell I miss.

My parents and I used to come here to celebrate special occasions, but we don't seem to have that anymore. Chang's serve wonderful food. The last time I went, they let us have as much vegetables as we wanted. Wrapping the meat in the lettuce and topping it off with kimchi was heavenly. The dip they had was salty and brought out the juicy flavors of the meat. To top it off, eat the garlic. It is HOT! I would recommend their ginseng chicken soup as well, which is done just right in the manner that I like.

Service is great. The staff are impeccably dressed and they are professional, weaving in and out carrying trays of vegetables and meat. There used to be a particularly intriguing Korean lady that served us, and I wonder if she still works there..

Now I have an excuse to go back!

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Making the meanest lettuce wrap you can
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Pricey, but worth it

If you're looking for authentic Korean food, Chang Korean BBQ is just the right place. I like the service at their Iluma branch because on the few occasions that I've been there, I've received great service from their staff. Well done!

Although Chang didn't offer exactly a huge variety of meat or seafood, their food was all perfectly marinated and tasted good. I love the way their beef was seasoned. The flavours were rich and strong, yet you could still taste the original sweetness from the dish. Their Kimchi fried rice was a major delight, as I usually do not go for the cooked food as somehow they always appear to be rather stale looking, sitting in that corner. But I was terribly wrong. The Kimchi rice was still warm and fresh!

I guess the only so-called disappointing part of our meal would be the dessert. In fact, there were only 2-3 flavours of ice-cream, and the ice-cream tubs were often in a messy state. You could almost feel that big foot had come near it a minute earlier than you! Maybe they could have a staff to be around to tidy up the dessert area to keep it neat and tidy. It's certainly not a very pleasant sight after your hearty BBQ. And they should even try to provide a few types of desserts.

But still, Chang is definitely worth trying! Pricey, but worth it.

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Great service and food

Chang Korean BBQ is a slightly upmarket Korean BBQ joint in Dempsey. Relatively easy to get to as it is one of the shops along the road to Dempsey Hill, it has a classy, homely feel to it.

Upon entering, my family and I were greeted by the service staff, and escorted to our table promptly. We ordered the Set A ($119 for 2 people), where there were 5 types of Wagyu beef. The beef was very soft, and juicy when barbecued. What was great was that the staff helped to barbecue each piece for us and serve them to us.

Service was good, and the food was excellent too. My only concern is that it is a bit pricey. Go here on special occasions.

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